this is where i share my whole soul. i write about my struggles. my joys. my amazing life with my handsome husband. our photography company. our cat. wedding seasons. our travels. community. beer and coffee dates. probably lots about pizza, too. i believe that life is worth living. and sharing my story connects me to beautiful souls. i feel like i grow into a better human when i write and read stories. we all have something amazing to share with the world. this is my life in pink. 

the one about the house :: ethan and bethany || personal story || central illinois wedding photographers

tonight is our last night in hoopeston. 
tomorrow we move! 

a little over a year ago ethan and i were deciding where to go. 
our best friends and mentors were moving far far away and we were very interested in the life style they would be leading. 
farming the land the way God intended. 
raising their sweet babies and being an awesome family. 
we wanted to go! 

we pretty much decided to pack everything we needed, sell the rest and move! 
they were our people and we really just wanted to be near them. 
now we still do and are so sad without them here but while coming home from visiting with them one night we realized we had only been making decisions on our own and asking God to bless it. which He did. always. 
we just felt that we were leading our own lives and trying to write our own story. 
what we wanted. 
i'm pretty sure it woulda been awesome and i daily think of them and missouri but it was time that we ask God what His will for our little life looks like. 

we prayed. 

we waited. 

we listened. 

we got our answer. 

danville, illinois. 

WHAT? really? danville. 

only 35 minutes from our hometown. 
everyone thinks it's a lost hope. 
"you must get out of this area!!" they say. 
but called there we were. 

we found connexion church. and it became our home. 
we immediately fell in love with the Truth being taught there.
we fell in love with the church members and it made us desperately want to be a part of the danville community.

our next step would be saving up. 

for months and months and months we saved. 
we got ourselves out of debt. 
and prepared to buy a house. 

1 year later. we are debt free! and have purchased a home. 
so, well, now we have home debt. 

and tomorrow we move into that home. 
it is unfinished and needs a lot of love. 
i am prepared to give that love! 

it's november of 2014 and ethan and i are fully operating our photography business. 
full time. no other jobs. 
there may be a job opening up for ethan but as of now, it's just photog. 
so, we are really relying on God providing for the business. 
i think it'd be easy for ethan to get a job but photography is really where our hearts are, so we're trusting that it's what we're supposed to do. 
we have had many different jobs since we've met. 
and we may have many more over the years.

ethan's always made it work. we've never missed a payment and we've always been warm and fed. i have no doubts that we'll be fine. 
it's funny how different our lives have looked even just in 4 short years. 
but it's been very very fun.

marriage is my favorite. i'm so thankful every day for him. 
his smell is the best. 
and his eyes and his loving heart for me. 
i am a blessed woman. 

so naturally we planned to move in shortly after we bought the house
but many things happened to change our plans. 

homeowners know. 

nearly a month later and we're still not ready but are needing to move in. 
we have a wedding to shoot saturday and TWO family thanksgivings to host next week. 
and i don't even have a stove yet. 
or a bathroom sink or shower head. 
minor details, right? ;) 

such fun. 
i was freaking out yesterday. 
and when i say freaking out i of course mean i was a total jerk, running around barking orders and wondering why ethan wasn't doing everything the way i wanted!?

so turns out i found out just how much of a control freak jerk i can be. 
that wasn't fun. 

thankfully, ethan is very patient with me. 
he let's me be harsh and mean and then gently and firmly tells me i'm way out of line and am very much being unreasonable. 
and then i get really mad because he's right. 

sometimes that's what married life is. 
that's where kissing and hand holding comes in handy. :) 

a lot of love has already gone into our burt home. 
here's some fun photos.
they are kinda out of order because i'm lazy tonight but you can figure them out. 
we are loved and thankful for these friends!

um. cute cute cute

we have a yard!! and a deck!! 
but. really with the orange shutters?

"we don't need men" 

ghetto kitchen office. 

this will be the studio. 
i think. or the bedroom. 
we still can't decide. but the orange wall is gone! 

chelsea rocks.

we had to break in. 
three girls, a screw driver and 15 minutes was all it took. 
this is what happens when your husband leaves the padlock key in this work pants.. in hoopeston.. 

and this was yesterday.. 
my kitchen. 
oy vey. 

oh, e. 
wearing my shirt and painting the living room. 

walnut bistro floors. 
because we're fancy. 

workin' legs. 

i'm really glad holly took this. 
i had no idea she did and i wasn't even working hard to prove that i've done any work on the house at all, but i love it. i'm so thankful for a home. especially during a time when so many others have just lost theirs in the recent tornados. we had a huge tree limb break off and fall but it just happened to be at the front of the house that it fell and not onto our roof. we were spared. others weren't so lucky. 
this photo makes me thankful. and happy. 
i have a home to live in with my handsome husband that we have worked so hard to get. 
but in an instant it can all be taken away. but my God is still good. 

my tiny but mighty helper! she was so helpful and so good. 
and she's FIVE. 

living room

holly is always pretty. 
see here : looking pretty while working hard!

work butt. 
or as macy and i would say "bottom. huhuh" 


taking a much deserved break! 

such fun memories! 
i'm so glad to spend this time with friends and am forever thankful for their help! 
and of course their friendship. 
soon they will be able to come over for coffee and lunch and not have to work. 
soon, but not yet. we still have a lot to do! 
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