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ethan burt is a very sweet man. 
he has been working non stop on our house for us. 
we've had very long days with work plus house renovation and yesterday was the craziest of them all. 
we painted our kitchen (with the help of some awesome girls) 
and ethan finished building our bed frame with the help of a super talented friend who we now should owe lots of money. i'm telling you, find the right friends. we've got some amazing ones. 
and then, he came home and finished the kitchen cabinets, put up curtains in two rooms AND made our headboard. at 1am.. into 2am.. 
and it.is.lovely. 

so here's our step by step! 

first step. we are blessed to know a very kind woman who gave away some very precious barn wood. 
this head board is so much more than a lovely head board. 
it means so much to us that we are keeping something wonderful that has meant a lot to many people and many animals over the years. 
i have very happy feelings about where this wood has been. and the life it's had. 
now it's a new memory for us to have forever. 
also, it looks really awesome. :) 

second step. handsome husband measuring and assembling. 

third step. screw it all in. 

forth step. set it up and love it forever. 


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