this is where i share my whole soul. i write about my struggles. my joys. my amazing life with my handsome husband. our photography company. our cat. wedding seasons. our travels. community. beer and coffee dates. probably lots about pizza, too. i believe that life is worth living. and sharing my story connects me to beautiful souls. i feel like i grow into a better human when i write and read stories. we all have something amazing to share with the world. this is my life in pink. 

hi, 2014! you've come so soon. || ethan and bethany burt || new year's blog post || wedding photographers

so, holy cow. 
when did 2014 get here? 

i've never been more excited to celebrate a new year then 2012 to 2013. 
2013 held a lot of my dreams and it didn't even know it. 
i had a lot of excitement wrapped up in 2013 and it didn't disappoint! 
2013 has been my favorite year yet. 

last year i wrote a blog about new year so this morning i re-read it and have been reflecting. and laughing at myself a little bit. 

many of the things on my list happened. 
some didn't. 

i hope that with each new year i gain more and more wisdom and i grow. 
i love growing. 
i love how proud my husband is when i've overcome something or grown out of a nasty habit (that he thought would take years to over come ;))
and grown closer to Christ. 
those eyes that he gives me in those moments are truly the best. 

this year has been the best for my marriage! 

so i did not get as organized as i wanted. 

i didn't get the house we thought we'd buy. 

we learned a lot of lessons the hard way.
which i like. 
easy is boring. 

i didn't have a baby. 

i didn't move to maine or colorado. 

we didn't go skiing. 

we didn't book 20 weddings. 

i did drink more coffee ;) 

i did love my husband more and kiss him a lot more. 

i did enjoy every single moment that i was at a 5 (pain scale)
instead of my normal 8. 

i did enjoy NOT going to the ER as much this year!! 
husband really enjoyed that as well. 

we were sick less! (although we're both sick now)

we laughed more. 

we were more honest and gritty with each other. 

i was able to be more present in my moments and be less of a prude in public so my husband could enjoy me more. 

we saw the ocean together for the first time. 

we worshiped together more. 
my, that has been beautiful. 

we quoted more movies and had more dates.
oh, the dates!! ethan's the best to date. 
he really knows how to plan a date. 

i think overall, i was angry less. and able to deal with pain and frustration easier. 

this is definitely the first year of my entire life that i've truly been following Christ. 

i ponder death a lot more. 
we're truly surprised when people die. 
and it will be sad as we lose those that we love. 
but we all know it's the one thing that happens to us all.
so really, meditating on my life, on our marriage and how we're living and behaving. 
and really focusing on life after death. 
Jesus is coming and we get to go to heaven and worship Him forever and ever. amen!

i crafted more! 

relationships. i adore relationships. 
there's nothing sweeter than sharing coffee (or tea or soda if they're weird and don't like coffee) and life with someone else. 
i've meet some amazing people in 2013. for the first time in my life i have real life, long lasting friendships that are so sweet and necessary. 
so necessary. 

we survived our second year of our photography business! 
all thanks to God. 
and thanks to our supporters! 

wow, it's been a dream come true. 

this year at christmas time we got cards from family and friends. 
(which i suck for not sending out cards or photos and such. gosh! next year.) 
and on the inside of one of our cards it said :
"we are so proud of you and your photography business" 
that, will stick with me til the end. 

we've met so many amazing brides and grooms and families! 
it has blessed us from our fingers to our toes! 
this world is full of beautiful souls. 
i'm longing to know the hearts of those we'll meet in 2014. 

2013 for me was : TRUST GOD. 
2014 will be : BE STILL AND KNOW.

God has my heart. i've giving it to Him. 
He's created me and has a plan for me and i so much want to follow that plan. 
nothing is of my own doing. 
this year i will be slower, i will not react without thinking first and praying on that response. 
i will be wiser and i will ask for help when needed. 

i will be thankful always. 
do all things with a cheerful heart. 

i will enjoy each breath with ethan. 

this year we did buy a house! 
it's sweet and cozy and i can't believe i have a whole house of my own. 
it's weird. it feels like it's too much. i've been too blessed. 

this year we did give. 
we did save. 
we did get out of debt.

we spent time with family. 

we started making real decisions and are getting our list 
of "things we do" and "things we don't do" put together. 

i  still have been unable to stop rambling and being random. 

i can't seem to organize my thoughts. 
it's like a big ball of weird up there. 
hopefully with being calmer i can take time to clear my head and relax. 

time management. hard core for 2014! 
ethan has now fully taken over the business management side of rcg and for that i am thankful! so he'll help me organize the zillion post-its and make sense out of them for me. 

i should probably sniff shaprie markers less.

hug my nieces and nephews more. 

have less expectations of my business and more listening to God and being honoring to His calling for our lives, wherever that leads us and no matter what it looks like. 


be involved in other's lives more. 

serve more. 

love more. show love better. 

i did wear less make up. 
in fact, i threw everything i had away. 
ethan is glad. 
mascara is still okay and i'm still glad about that. 

i switched from Chapstick to Burt's Bees. 
that was a big change for me! 
ethan still carries around one for me in case i lose it. which i will.

we no longer drink soda. 
that's still hard for me. 

being used for the Kingdom is probably my biggest thing for 2014. 
letting go of what i thought my life would be like by now and embrace the goodness that my life is. and that it's not up to me what happens.
we have been blessed endlessly month after month in 2013. 
and i didn't deserve any of it. 

joys and sorrows. 
2013 was definitely heavier on the joys this time around. 
not every year will be, though i'm sure. 
i pray to grow a heart ready for the sorrows. 
ready to embrace the beautifulness that sorrow brings. 
Christ is real. 
He is the Light of the world. 

right now i am a wife. 
to a very wonderful man. 
he is enough. 
and  more over, Christ is enough. 
i desire to live this out in 2014.

oh, and i did cut my hair. 
because i'm ridiculous. 
but i'm not complaining! ;) 
see 2013 : /loveburts/2013/01/hi-2013-excitement-for-new-year.html

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