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love burt living update : 

these are not complaints, just stories and real life about our new living situation to keep record and maybe have some laughs. 

we had thanksgiving here with my family on wednesday and then had e's family over on thanksgiving. ethan was fixing the sink in his dirty jeans and tee while my sister, brother in love and myself were trying to get thanksgiving lunch ready. it didn't get fixed. 
ethan has worked really hard and was frustrated that it didn't get fixed and even his dad, union pipe fitter was baffled at why it's still not working. we've tried everything. 
so, my brother in love came to the rescue when he saw i was getting overwhelmed and he washed all the dishes for us with bath water. hero! 

lunch was still delicious and the kiddos loved cat. 
burkey kept telling her "hey, cat, guess what? i love you through and through" 
and we all died a little. 
i mean! 
cat was really awesome to allow these jam-hands kids to play all over her.
they grabbed her and kissed her and hugged her and she just loved every minute. 

emery had a sweet idea (i think she stole the idea from her mama) 
of going around the table to say what we're thankful for. 
she limited us to 2 things each. 

 she was so sweet. directing sweetly. 
she's really growing up and coming into her own person. she's pretty special. 

so then all the family visited and left. 
and now we're into the next week. 
we've been in our new home for almost 2 weeks. 
it feels pretty amazing to be home owners. 

it's nice to have a place to be our little weird family together. 

cat loves this place. 
although, now she just wants to be inside the fridge. 
i buy this giant house, obviously just for her and all she wants to do is ask me why i hate her so much and won't let her in the fridge. 
she makes me feel like a bad mama because i won't let her. 
her little cat eyeballs look so sad and i feel like a jerk for not letting her live in there.
so we're working through that. 

the bedroom, studio, living room and bathroom are all painted. 
the trim paint came up with the painters tape which it's not supposed to do so i'm wanting to write a wordy letter to the painters tape guys. 

the kitchen has not been painted or deep cleaned yet. 
we didn't go for the new kitchen floors so they just need some love and they'll look better. 
there is still wood paneling in the kitchen. 
(that sentence might have been a little bit of a complaint. 
i just don't think wood paneling is ever a good idea)
but we're painting this week! so that's exciting. 

let's just talk for a minute about how ridiculous it is that there are SO MANY PAINT COLORS. really? i just want GREY. or PALE PINK. 
meteorite grey. 
because cave stone was just too moody. 
i can't have this many options!
it messes with my brain. 
and then of course when you pick it it looks different anyways. 
so, just don't worry too much about paint colors when you're buying your home because it'll all work out in the end it just may not look like what you thought. 
my advice, get rid of expectations and save yourself the heartache. 

we are still using the plastic silverware from thanksgiving dinner. 
and the turkey plates and napkins. 

we don't have a microwave. 
we know too much about what they do so we are no longer going to use one. 
re-learning how to live without a microwave is more challenging than i thought.

we don't have a kitchen chairs.
i'm using a step ladder as my seat while i write and drink coffee. :) 

the one feature in the house that we wanted to tear down is what everyone seems to love. 
that makes me laugh. 

ethan did an amazing job on the floors!! i so love the dark wood and they're so pretty. 

we don't have a bed frame yet. ethan's building it with a friend. 
should have that done this week too! whooo. 
and we got some gorgeous barn wood to make a head board. 
photos to come, of course. 

we're loving the self-employed thing. 
it's weird to get used to though. 
we've never done this before. 

something that's really adorable when you buy your first home but don't live there yet is you think things will be so easy to do. like maybe take an hour here or 20 minutes there. 
when in reality it takes DAYS or WEEKS. 
like thinking it's a good idea to get a huge lovely on sale half off bathroom mirror that will cover the outlet. 
no big deal because we can just move the outlet a little.
bathroom mirror is chilling out in the living room. ha! 

when i'm thinking about myself and what i want, i can easily get flustered and want things done in the house. or i want to buy this or that or it would just be so much easier if we hired someone to do that. 

well, it's all unnecessary. 
we are blessed beyond blessed. 

we have a home. 

many many many families do not. 
many parents are working hard and still can't afford a place for their babies to live. 
or eat. 
or have clothes. 

i feel extremely selfish with this house and i already want to give it away. 
we are called to a much higher calling than to paint our ugly wood paneling so it looks prettier. we need to invite people in. take care of the orphans. 
feed the hungry. 
give away all we have and follow Jesus. 

i am thankful for this home. it is something we have worked toward for over a year. 
it is cute and cozy and i'm loving running around with my husband and crazy cat. 
laughing and giggling. 

we hope to create a life here in this community and have a family here. 
but i'm not sure what God's plan looks like for us. 
we're not told that it'll be easy and perfect. but it will be beautiful and God lead. 
God is good always. and our next life is the one we're really working towards.

we were called to danville, illinois. 
we are officially here now. 
we're ready to start. 

use us, Lord. 

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