juicing! || ethan and bethany burt || central illinois wedding photographers || personal story

hurray for juicing again! 
we vowed that when we moved into our new home and had our very own fridge with lots and lots of room that'd we get back into juicing. 


i'm pretty terrible at eating my veggies because veggies are gross. 
chewing kale? forget about it. 

so juice it is! 

i feel better already. 
just the smell of healthy stuff in my kitchen makes me feel better. 
i just can't tell you how excited i am.

food is medicine. 

i'm looking forward to giving my body what it needs. 

so here's my process. 

and here's my kitchen. 
i don't know why people ever think wood paneling is a good idea.?

we might be painting this week! so that's really exciting. 

just one photographer thing : 
i totally dream at night of just photoshopping my kitchen. 
drop pick a color here, paint there. 
bingo bango, it's done. 
and then i wake up and realize that it didn't really happen and i have to actually paint in real life. 
okay, that's all. 

so, it all starts with a good pandora station. 
christmas music today of course. 

things you will need : 
recipe (i have plenty just ask me for them!)

thank you, kale for being so awesome. 

this is what it looks like when it comes out. 
also this is what it looks like when you lose part of the juicer parts and have to use a bowl instead.

and then your fridge looks really "sexy"
as ethan would say.

and then your cat's a freak.

i always have to have water near by.
even though this juice is actually good (i added extra pineapple) i still can't get it all down without water. *cringes* 

so go, juice! and feel better.