this is where i share my whole soul. i write about my struggles. my joys. my amazing life with my handsome husband. our photography company. our cat. wedding seasons. our travels. community. beer and coffee dates. probably lots about pizza, too. i believe that life is worth living. and sharing my story connects me to beautiful souls. i feel like i grow into a better human when i write and read stories. we all have something amazing to share with the world. this is my life in pink. 

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currently i am sitting in the living room, on the floor of course. 
while ethan games with his brother. 
they quote movies and say bad words at the tv. 
cat is sleeping. and being really cute.

also i'm eating dove dark chocolate like it's my job. 

last night i asked ethan what he would think if i cut my bangs again. 
he said he's fine with it because he doesn't really care about hair. 
typical boy response. 
so i cut my own bangs at 11pm. 
then he said "oh, you meant now?" 
i get an idea and then i do it right away. 
it's just how i do. 
thankfully he finds me really cute. 

church was awesome today. 
i am so loving living in danville already. 
so many new and fun things are happening in the community and i'm so thrilled to be a part of it. 
danville needs some love. and we have lots to give out! 

ethan's losing his voice. 
it reminds me of the times we spent with our two bestest friends talking until very late into the night and ethan's voice would go scratchy. well it's happening again because we've 
been talking well into the night. 
and i'm kinda falling in love with him all over again. with his scratchy cute voice. 
clearly our communication skills have been lacking in the past two years since he hasn't lost his voice until now.. ;) 

we've started reading for advent. 
i've always wanted to know more about advent and so we're finally making that a tradition. 
it's been beautiful so far. 
get jotham's journey from amazon.com it's less than 10 bucks and your family needs to read it! 

other christmas traditions will also include watching beetlejuice, white christmas, it's a wonderful life, star wars, uncle buck and making root beer floats. 

we don't decorate with a tree. 
i do really love evergreens so maybe next year i'll get some.. if they are cheap or someone gives me some. but i don't like the whole american christmas thing. i also don't like presents. ethan and i don't gift each other for holidays or "special occasions"
christmas is getting very expensive this year and it just makes me sad that we do things this way. 
maybe i'll get gutsy enough one year to change it, finally. 

i'm really into ezekiel bread lately. 
and cottage cheese.
our meijer is awesome. we're thankful they came to town just for us to shop organic. 
thanks, meijer! 
ethan's really into hummus which i think is gross. 

i'm really finding ethan so cute lately. 
he's always handsome. everyone knows that. 
but he's SO CUTE. 
it's his face. it's just so pleasing to my eyes. 

work is slowing down! 
i feel like i haven't sat since may. 
this is nice. 
i've got three weddings still to edit and one more to shoot this year. 
other than that just doing boudoir during the winter months and anything else that can be done inside. 
a few fun couples and families are requesting snow sessions which is really exciting. 

we're really settling into our new home nicely. 
it just feels like home. 
no "getting used to it"
it just is our place to be. 
it snowed so lovely out this morning. 
ethan woke up and went to the window and was happy to be able to excite me with the news of the snow outside the bedroom window. it was really sweet. 

we only have one vehicle now. 
so that's a fun challenge.

i'm reading in ecclesiastes. 
over and over. 
i've read it through once and now i'm going back over it again. 
in the message bible and esv together. 

ethan's reading about three books right now. 
i'm so proud of his leadership skills. he's kicking butt at being a Godly leader. 

i wear his socks all the time. 
i think it may be time to buy myself some woman socks. 
sometimes men socks are great like when you can tuck your pants into them so they fit in your boots better but i'm finding that around the house wear is not as fun. they are too big and i'm slipping all over.
ethan says i just need better balance. which is also true.

i'm thinking it's time to make veggie soup. i love veggie soup. 
and chili! ethan loves my chili. 
being a wife is fun. and cooking is really fun.  
especially for a husband who appreciates food so much. ;) 

so it's sunday night and i'm really looking forward to a great week. 
getting to have coffee dates with friends and new friends, meetings with new clients, hang out time with my guy and cuddles with cat. hopefully it snows some more. 
some sweet, magical december snow. 
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