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life is good and soup is warm || bethany burt || central Illinois wedding photographer || danville, Illinois

um.. lately. 
is GOOD. 

we're both getting sore throats but i'm actually surprised we haven't 
been more sick this winter. 
i'm usually sick this time of year, especially because the last two we've had weddings in the winter and i forget to put my coat on when i'm laying in the snow for a good shot.
but so far, so good! just a little extra snot and sore throat but we can handle that. 

no migraines this month!! whoooooo. 
i'm freaking celebrating that daily.
minute-ly even. 
sometimes when you're used to feeling like donkeys are kicking around in your brain, you really enjoy every moment when that's not happening. and it's more like little mice pitter-patting up in there. much easier pain to deal with! 

also i discovered mindy gledhill on pandora. 
and she & him holiday station, too. YES.

i'm happier in danville than i ever imagined.
aaaaand i'mprettysure it's because God Almighty has changed my hard 
heart about this place. 
we're just beaming. 
danville is a great place to be and to love on others and to be thankful. 

also, i made veggie soup last week. a couple weeks ago?
wow. life = flying. 

ethan : babe you need to blog about this soup
me : really?
ethan : yeah. it's that good. people should know about it. 

so i'm going to share my recipe! i hope it's not hard to follow because my brain is kinda jumbled. mostly my recipes never end up exactly the same because i never measure and i always make up some stuff. 

everything i use is organic and fresh. except this time the tomatoes were canned. but also organic. some of you know about my diet, some don't. but basically everything needs to be clean (no gmo's no pesticides, no hormones, no nuffin bad!)

*very professional iphone shot of the yummy soup at my desk

what you'll need : 
1lb hamburger meat
1-2 28oz cans whole tomatoes with juice included 
(or if you don't like whole tomatoes then use crushed or diced or just sauce)
3-4 cans (about 15 oz each) veggie or chicken broth (i use chicken)
3 cups water 
olive oil 
tomato paste (about 3 tablespoons or the whole thing, really.)
veggies (fresh or frozen) such as :  carrots, corn, green beans, lima beans, peas, 
potatoes, zucchini, celery, kale, broccoli, leeks, you can get crazy with veggies, really. 
seasoning : salt, pepper, garlic salt (or chopped garlic!), basil, oregano (get creative and add some other herbs, too. i was just out and only had basil and oregano at the time!) 

instructions : 
brown the hamburger meat with chopped onion. 
enjoy the heavenly smell. 

cook the potatoes (in a pot of water, bring to boil, cook until tender usually about 20-30 minutes depending on the size of the chunks)

saute celery, carrots and broccoli in a medium pan with olive oil about 10 minutes. 

add broth, tomatoes & juice & paste and 3 cups water to a pot. (um, i used a very large pot for this soup. it makes so much i freeze the extras for ready-to-heat-meals)
bring to a boil and simmer for about 10 minutes. 

add veggies & meat & seasonings and let cook for about 20 minutes.

also, you don't have to add meat! sometimes i don't. 
but we wanted a little more filling of a soup this time so we added it. i might even do two pounds next time, it's a big soup! i just eye ball and taste test all the time.
if you need any help just message me! I love helping & cooking together. 
i just taste test and add things in slowly as i go. you can always add but you 
can't as easily subtract! 

and you have soup! i serve mine boiling hot and very soupy. 
ethan likes his chunky and cooler temperature. 

a few days later, i add rice and spicier seasonings just for fun and a little different taste. 

*we're soup opposites. 
added rice and ethan loved it! 
also, this time i added lima beans. i hate lima beans but ethan loves them because he's a freak.
so a few nights we had it without and then when i added the rice i added some lima beans for him because i love him and marriage is about compromise and being nice and stuff. 

so there ya go! i hope you try it and i hope you love it. 
tell me how it goes and how you made it unique for your family. 
let's cook together. 

i already want to make it again. 
we still have a bit left, actually. 

i hope i didn't leave anything out or make a total mess of explaining that recipe. 

obviously no one is going to ask me to write a recipe book any time soon. 

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