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mark + alyssa || a perfectly rainy wedding day.

this day was filled with anticipation and excitement. 
mark and alyssa's love for each other is written all over their sweet faces. 
every single photograph is my favorite because it shows true love. 
they were surrounded by family and friends and prayer. 
exactly how a wedding should be. it was a complete honor to be their photographers. 
my husband and i both teared up several times while hiding behind our cameras. 
we truly hope you enjoy this preview as much as we've enjoyed capturing it.

father and son

this whistle was the life guard alyssa used at camp where she met mark.

she's lovely. 

it's so great to work with friends! i was sweetly surprised about seeing this hair and make up team of beauties. 

the baby's breath bouquets have been my favorite this year. 


probably my favorite bridal series yet. 
i just want everyone to know how this happened. 
i was on a piano bench on my tip toes, half inside, half outside, getting rained on while my husband and the bride's dad were holding the doors open and me up on the bench. 
you do what you have to do to get a gorgeous image when the lighting is just right. 
i think she's just effortlessly beautiful. 
i had a blast photographer her bridals!

the first look is the best\sweetest part of the day.

praying before the ceremony. 

moms always have the sweetest faces during the ceremony.
they are both wonderful women who i'm honored to have met. 
they raised wonderful children.

when the father of the bride marries the couple. oh, be still my heart. 
such a sweet ceremony. 

seriously fun photograph. 
this bridal party was r-o-c-k-i-n.
we had zero breaks in the rain. 
i'm used to wedding days with rain but usually we get a few hours with break. 
not this time! but, that didn't stop this awesome party. 
mark and alyssa told us they actually love the rain so i sent ethan out to meijer to get 12 matching umbrellas! thinking fast and being close to meijer kinda saved the day! 
we had so much fun. i definitely want a giant canvas of this in my office. 
great memory. 

little groom gift on the back of the cake. 

deb brinegar, making a gym look gorgeous. 
she's incredible. 
thanks, secret agent deb for getting us so many first baptist weddings this year! 

stellar cake!
every time mark and alyssa saw a butterfly, they would pray for each other. 
just darling. 
perfectly fitting for their wedding cake.

i love the details. 

just, the best.

their perfectly sweet rainy wedding day has come to an end but their life together as man and wife has just begun. mark and alyssa, we will be praying for your marriage. 
thank you for allowing us to be a part of your day.
xo - e+b

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