this is where i share my whole soul. i write about my struggles. my joys. my amazing life with my handsome husband. our photography company. our cat. wedding seasons. our travels. community. beer and coffee dates. probably lots about pizza, too. i believe that life is worth living. and sharing my story connects me to beautiful souls. i feel like i grow into a better human when i write and read stories. we all have something amazing to share with the world. this is my life in pink. 

yesterday || & little life update and such || ethan and bethany burt || central illinois wedding photographers

yesterday was a great day. 
i've been looking for my place in danville to get in and really help and it was confirmed yesterday that the FCA is where that will be. 
{fellowship of Christian athletes} 
i've photographed their events a few times but haven't gotten fully involved. 
until now. i'm all in! and i'm so excited to start serving with these wonderful people. there's a banquet coming up in april that i'm on the committee for. 
i'll be posting more about it all soon!

and then i had physical therapy at the spine institute. 
on the days i go alone i listen to "my" music and sing very loud. 
i wore a super cute baby doll top that ethan says is in my 20%. 
(he likes 80% of my style and 20% is old lady)
my music means some annoying girly stuff mixed with some awesome worship tunes. 
usually i cry in the car as i worship. it's a great time. 
at physical therapy yesterday he had a new chair for me which was like heaven. 
i'm in need of a chair like this for my home because there is not one seat in the house that i can sit on and not be in terrible pain. too bad this chair is $400+. 
so, yeah. 

my pain levels are very high again. 
i'm trying to remain very joyful and thankful. 
i've really come a long way in 2 years of pt. 
i am forever thankful to adam and his methods because i've never felt better in my whole life. but it's still really tough. 
it's my new "normal" of  pain. and it's still more than i think anyone should have to deal with on a day to day basis. 
in a way i'm used to it. 
and honestly i think it's a gift. 
i'm very blessed because of my pain. 
i feel like i can see the world differently because of it. 
i don't even want it to go all the way away. 
i'd just like to function. 
not being able to function is the worst of it.
anyways, lately the pain has been higher and
 i'm having a hard time being able to handle it. 
i went to pt again yesterday and we're hoping to get back on the right track. 
it's a long confusing process. especially since i "look so normal" on the outside. 
it's hard for people to understand that i hurt. all. the. time. 
even right now?
(obviously i'm not bitter. ;))

so then, i ate lunch alone. 
sometimes this can be a sad feeling but sometimes it's just awesome. 
this time was awesome.
i messed up my times with my lunch date friend and ate alone instead. then planned for a coffee date later that day. so i sat in panera alone, being looked at funny by passers-by and ate an entire bread bowl and other piece of bread. 
and then wanted more. but i held myself back. 
i love bread. 
and i love soup. 
really, though. 

then i was introduced to a new-to-me coffee house that was ridiculously cute in every way and they had organic coffee! whooo! 
this friend of mine. 
she's the type that no matter what has happened in the friendship, the good times, the bad times, the hurt and the wonderful memories, i can always trust her with my whole heart. 
and i just ache to be near her more. 
she's a lovely creature and a mess all in one. 
just like every woman, i suppose :) 
she's really a best friend of mine. 
and we needed about 5 more hours with each other yesterday. 
3 hours just isn't enough. 
we shared about life and our jobs, we shared about how we miss each other.
we laughed and it was like old times. 
i'm very gushy and sappy lately (lately? more like all the time)
 but i'm so thankful for my friends. 

on to the now -
our currently : 

house : ethan's started finishing the kitchen painting. 
he also did the dishes while i was gone yesterday.
he's a nice man. 
we ate pizza and started watching the last of Sherlock. 
sad and wonderful times all in one. 
Sherlock is the best show ever. totally bril. watch it. you're welcome. 
we're hoping to clean/organize/paint the rest of the house, stat. 

work : 
currently editing two weddings. then we don't shoot another until april. 
booking up and hoping to book up more boudoir while wedding season is off. 
i love weddings and boudoir most. and i love shooting in our home studio! 
it's super fun. looking forward to the pretties i have coming in soon! 

working together as husband and wife : 
turns out i like our house clean, ethan likes our computers clean. 
i am a complete mess on the computer. 
my desktop is a total "nightmare" and ethan, who never gets stressed, 
gets stressed out just looking at it.
it works for me! a beautiful mess, right?!
 i know where things are or know how to find them easily. 
he's totally cleaned and organized the screen and i will say it looks nice. 
but i'll probably re-mess it soon. i'll try not to! 
ethan with the house on the other hand, 
makes fun of how i want the blankets just-so on the couch or the pillows on the bed.
like that matters. 
oh, boys. 

family : 
we went to the burt christmas at his sister's. 
it was a sweet, fun time. minus us both feeling like donkey. 
we got a paleo cook book that ethan is already in love with. 
we're excited about learning more about this eating lifestyle and keep changing and perfecting ours.  

food : 
i've been making mostly crock pot meals. 
which i've been asked to blog so i'll do that.. shortly.
turns out i'm feeling lazy lately! 
i think that's what happens when you're on the move for 7 months straight. 
your legs and mind stop working at some point. 
i'm just taking it easy and it's wonderful. 
my favorite  snack is crackers with avocado and cheese. 
avocado is my new favorite friend. 

ethan's feeling better finally! part-y! after 3 weeks. 
he was a trooper. 
it was the worst not kissing that whole time. 
now that we can again i'm as giddy as i was the first and second and 
millionth time he kissed me.
kissing is good, folks. 
marriage is the best. 

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