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crafting warms my heart! 
cute scrap paper makes me swoon. 

i can't help myself. 

plus the whole dry erase board thing is brilliant. 
so many uses which i love and it gets to also be really adorable. 
i mean. 
total win. 

the only thing i need now is better handwriting. 

 i can't even handle how much i love this paper. 

i NEED my home to be filled with Scripture.
i am so weak. and i love pretty reminders. 
God is good all the time. it's helps when my day is surrounded by his Goodness.

so this one isn't a dry erase board but it's so sweet and cute.
right by my closet so i'm reminded of how dearly loved i am by my Maker. 
the frame was already painted the perfect grey color so all i did was add burlap & paper and i used pencil to write the word "beloved"

i need to add  outlet covers to my to do list, too. 

every day.

i bought the frames from a friend and the rest i already had at home. 
it's so easy! 
now you want to make some too, don't cha?!

do it!

 all you need : 
hot glue gun
adorable scrap paper
expo markers
fabric or rags or an old tee shirt 
(i used rags from ethan's detailing days to rip up and craft into the flowers i don't even know if they were clean. just keepin' it real, ladies.) 

 enjoy! xo - b