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and when i say sometimes i mean all the time. 
i really love my husband. 

he's the kindest, most honest, most handsome and sincere person in the world. 

falling in love with him on the daily is my favorite. 

i think life gets busy and we forget. 
we forget to embrace each other. 
we forget how important we are to each other. 
we forget to look at each other. 
like, really look. 
and people with kids give more attention to them than their spouse. 
i mean, i get it. i do it, too. 

i just want to encourage everyone to love on their spouse. 
you do love them, remember!? why don't we take the time to show it better!
we are blessed with breath and we don't know how long we have. or they have! 
i know on more than one occasion when i'd find myself mad with ethan or we're in a fight i think "wow, if he dies tonight or tomorrow, i'm really wasting my time here in this fight"
sometimes that doesn't fix things right away but it really puts things into perspective. 

i know for me, i've been forgetting. 
i've been slacking as a wife. 
i have been more selfish and concerned with my own things and forgetting how much he needs to be loved on. i truly desire to love him and love him well, i just kinda allowed myself to forget. 
and man, was i missing out. 

now that i've snapped out of it, i am fully enjoying us again! 
it's been wonderful! 
he's so fun to be around and is a delight. 

we've been having late night discussions (and pizza and ice cream dates) 
and really realizing how much Christ needs to be each of our centers, 
or else we won't work. 
we won't work as individuals and we definitely couldn't work as a couple. 

i love ethan's honesty. 
i love that he tells me that he sees me falling from the Truth and that i need to get back to it. man, that honesty is so refreshing and needed! 
the best thing about ethan is that he tells me the hottest thing i could do is read my bible and be a Godly woman. 
i know i'll never have to worry about that "extra 10 pounds" because he's focused on my heart. 

he needs to be encouraged. 
he needs to know i appreciate him and i see him. 
i enjoy his smiling eyes so much. i never want to be the cause of the sad eyes. 
he needs to be uplifted in prayer. daily.
he needs me to build him up and to love on him in the ways that he responds to. 
he does not need to be nagged. 
he doesn't need me to be his mom. 
he needs me to be right by his side, cheering him on. 
a part of him. 
i've never been a cheerleader. i just wouldn't look right in the skirt, but i heard someone say that your bridal gown is also your cheerleading costume 
and once you get married, you become his cheerleader. 
a little cheesy i know, but still. 
he needs to know that i'm on his team. 
i'm for him and i'm with him. 

too bad "team jacob" and "team edward"  is so stupid or i'd say i'm "team ethan" ;)

oh, and he needs to be told he's handsome and that i have the hots for him! 
i totally do. he totally is.

off to save the world. 
one photograph at a time. 

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