DIY dry shampoo || love burt living || ethan and bethany burt || the one about the dry shampoo

 i'm all about not washing my hair every day. 
over it. 
who has the time to wash and style every day? 
definitely not a person with a neck injury and super thick hair.
oy vey. 
plus all that heat and styling is bad for your hair. 

i found out about dry shampoo a while ago but i'm really cheap. 
i finally bought a tiny bottle for like $2.50 
and i hated it because it left white residue in my hair. 
a friend of mine suggested cocoa powder because i have dark hair. 
it smells so good and it works like a charm.

so here's my super easy how to : 
baking soda
cocoa powder
tiny mason jar with holes in the lid
i used a small nail and barely hit it with a hammer to make the holes. easy peasy. 

no one can even tell you have chocolate in your hair. 
except for that i just told you. 
and also, don't forget to wipe off your glasses.