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april sixth two thousand fourteen || love burt living || ethan and bethany burt

anyone who knows me for longer than 5 minutes knows that i'm completely infatuated with my husband. 

and it truly is that way almost all of the time. 
sure, he can get on my nerves and i can get a temper. 
heck, sometimes he does it on purpose just to get a rise out of me. 

but today i have just been completely unable to catch my breath, i'm so in love.
my heart literally feels heavy. i'm so surprised by the amounts of "new" love that comes over me at random times. 

like, i thought i couldn't possibly love him more. 
and then i do. 

today was one of those brilliant days. 

this weekend has just been the best. 
i don't think i've gotten any work done at all. 
which really feels okay. 

saturday i got to eat too many donuts and a few strawberries with one of my very best friends who is becoming a wife later this year. 
planning with her is bringing me so much joy. 
doing life with such an amazing creature is just so wonderfully pleasant.  
i have no idea how i got so lucky. 

then i came home from that super wonderful day to a very happy husband who, as soon as i walked in the door said "how soon can you be ready for a date"
and off we went. 
best saturday ever. 

then i woke up this morning just overwhelmed with thankfulness and giant love for my guy.
with his wild messy beard and sleepy face.
it's absolutely stupid that someone could be that adorable while sleeping.

part of my worship to my God is being so crazy thankful for the nice weather. 
my body/pain makes me very picky about the weather. 

so the just perfect feeling day calls for some serious praising. 
i breathed it all in. every second. 

church was incredible. 
those faces. those hearts. 
so full. so broken. so lost. 
saved sinners. 
it's so glorious. 
God is at work on our  hearts. 

after church i had decided we were going on a picnic. 
i made lunch and off we went. 
-another amazing quality of ethan, he enjoys anything that makes me genuinely happy. 
and we didn't have to spend any money - double bonus! 
i just need to be outside on days like this. 
so picnic lunch it is! 

it was just the slightest bit chilly so i did pack the snuggie my mom made me keep in my car in case of winter car break down emergencies that i told her i will never use. 
jokes on me i guess. just another thing i'll have to tell her she was right about ;) 

we ate. we laughed.
we discussed. 
we relaxed and felt the wonderful wind touch our smiling cheeks. 
ethans eyes amaze me. 
it's also stupid that someone could have such beautiful eyeballs.
but he does.

tonight he went to guys night and i had some alone time. 
i rented a girly movie and ate organic spaghettios. 
yes they make those. 
thank The Lord. 
also, i never know how to spell spaghettios.

i just feel thankful. 
i just feel warm. 
i feel so loved. 
ethan is so intense about the way he loves me. 
he makes everything beautiful. 

his hair is growing out and so now he uses my hair brush. 
i think that's freaking cute. 
i'm that girl that smiles when she sees that he left the 
hair brush out because now he uses it. 
it's not annoying that the hair brush it out of it's place. 
it's crazy sweet that we share in life together. 

he loves all the things about me that i use to hate about me. 
he loves my big ears and my giant man hands. 

he's gentle and loving. 
he's honest and doesn't hold back. 

he makes me want to be a better wife to him. 
he makes me want to know him more. 
so i can serve him better. 
so i can love him better. 

it's just a crazy feeling, love. 
my heart hurts, it's so much. 

i want to squeeze his face off, that's how much i like it. 
it's just everything about it, so cute. 
it's strange. 
he's so rugged and manly. 
like a mountain person. 
he could cut down wood and kill an animal for our supper. 
but he's also adorable.
boyish charm and wild, happy, wise eyes. 

he's my mate for life and i ache with an unending love for him. 

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