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Mr. + Mrs. Alterman || Wedding Day || 03.22.14 || Rose Colored Glasses Photography || Central Illinois Wedding Photographer || The Virginia Theatre || Champaign, Illinois

Mr. + Mrs. Alterman

Cody and Lyndsay's wedding day was so amazing.
Their venue was gorgeous and their bridal party was completely lovable. 
Definitely one of the most lively bridal parties we've had :) 

But what I loved the most was the look the groom had for his bride. 
This girl is so very loved. 
I had tears in my eyes many times throughout the wedding day. 
Just a brilliant love that I know will last a lifetime. 
I'm so happy for these two and their life together. 

I hope you enjoy their wedding day images as much as we do! 

wishing you the happiest-happily ever after.


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