a few of my favorite things || a pretty saturday blog post || bethany burt

just a couple of mah favorite things & must haves.
happy saturday! 

maybelline new york mascara
in very black. 
it's the best. 
i've been using this same brand forever. 
i'm thankful they haven't stopped making it. 
i should probably order 247 bottles just in case. 

i can't stand gloopy mascara. 
this brand does exactly what it advertises. 
full lashes that are also super soft still. that's a must. hard eyelashes are not sexy. 

also, curling the lashes is a total must. 
there's probably an actual science to it and i most likely do it wrong but 
this is what works for me and i'm happy. 

i curl before applying. then i apply. 
then i let dry. 
curl again. 
apply mascara again. 
repeat until desired lash look. 
boom, baby. 

i also may re-curl the lashes halfway throughout the day or before a night out, just to give an extra oomph. you know. 

coconut oil. 

 i use this as my go to for almost anything. 

it probably annoys ethan because he'll shout out a problem and i'll yell 
"use coconut oil! it'll work!" and it almost always does. 

i use this dream oil for : 

my face {it works as a wrinkle fighter, makes you look like a baby, also fights acne} 

 make up remover


{sometimes i add honey with it as a hair treatment, too}

shaving the legs & armpits {the word armpit is awful, i'm sorry}

i also cook with it and eat it. it's so good for your insides. 

the prettiest colors ever. 

all time favorite color & polish name. 
i mean. 
how cute. 

the best soap in the world. 
we were traveling for work and forgot soap.
kiss my face soap happened and i'm never going back. 
i've never really been a fan of bar soap so it's weird how much i love it. 
it's so light and airy and wonderful. & natural. 
and! you can get it at our favorite store. 

friends, get you some lemons. 
cut them up in your water & also just rub 'em all over your face. 
you're welcome.