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Christ in marriage || it's simple || a prayer for marriages

just. my favorite photo. well, one of the hundreds of us that's my favorite. 
i mean, really. 

i was up with the sun today. 
unable to stay in bed any longer. 
heavy heart. 
extremely grateful for my little life. 
cat was sleeping in between my legs making it impossible for me to move
and ethan sleeping soundly next to me being ridiculously adorable and scruffy. 
he has the messiest hair in the mornings and it just is too much for my heart to take. 

i quietly, and when i say quietly i mean 
grabbed my robe and an organic pop tart and came out to the back deck to sit and think. 

thoughts i had : 

1. i'm thankful for our home. 
it's so nice to have a place of our own.
2. i have got an awesome marriage. 
3. i wish i wasn't allergic to grass. 

we'll just focus on 2. for now. 

this marriage of mine. my, oh, my. it's sweeter than everything thats sweet. 

ethan and i are very very different. 
i think everything should be freaked out about and can't do one single thing all the way through because i have 10 million other things i'm also trying to do. 
 ethan would rather just be all "yeah, cool dude" about everything. 
so that doesn't match. 

i can't stand being late to anything. 
ethan makes fun of me because i'm 30 minutes early to  just about everything. 
he stresses me out hard core when we're exactly on time. 
to me that means we're late. and i get sweaty. 
even to a movie. even though there are 20 minute previews.

ethan needs to hear "man data" sometimes instead of my girly fluffy way of asking him to please take the trash out. so that i don't become bitter about how he still hasn't taken out the trash. he meant eventually, in the world, yes, sure he'd take it out. i meant now.

marriage can be difficult. 
two selfish and sinful people trying to do life together.
day in and day out. 
until death. 
when both of you think your opinion or way of doing things 
is the best possible and most right way to do it.. 
i mean.
you're bound to have a few spiffs. and we do. 

but we quickly remember. 

we take our marriage very seriously. 
this is it. 
this is the only one we get. 
it is until death does us part. 
not until one of us just wants out. 
it's hard. 
it gets messy. 
it gets pretty ugly. 

but thankfully, it can be so so good when we allow God's love to fill us up, so that we can reflect that love on to our spouse. and make things new and right again. 

love each other with a love that's not our own. 
when we love with God's love, life is better. 
when we forgive each other like Christ forgives, the days are sweeter. 

when ethan is patient with me because i'm a complete jerk face, he shows me and reminds me of Christ's unfailing love for me. 

and i am so so thankful for that grace. 

and as we both grow towards God, our marriage foundation grows stronger and stronger. 
ready to take on some sorrows and sufferings. 

marriage is so beautifully sweet. 

lately i've been feeling guilty about how good we have it. 
too good. 
while others suffer within their marriages. 

but then i was reminded by a sweet friend that this is what God intended for marriage and He's delighting in mine! 

we have the opportunity to shine bright for marriage! 

He intends for marriage to be so good. so very good. i so want everyone to know this truth!

but both of us have to follow hard after Him. 
or it won't work. 
and it doesn't. 

we both have to seek The Lord with all our hearts. 
and look to other married couples that we love and respect so that when we do have tiffs, we can go to them and ask them to wrap us up in God's love & truth while we're unable to see the goodness of marriage. 

this that doesn't mean it's easy. 
just more simple in my opinion. 

this morning i am heavy hearted for broken marriages and broken relationships. 

i pray that we can help be an example of what God created marriage to be.
i pray that they would seek The Lord with all their hearts. 
and seek wise counsel. 

i'm thankful for the marriages in our life that we get to look up to. 
we are so blessed to watch them. 

it's simple. 
love each other with a love that's not our own. 
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