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5 photos that make me feel beautiful || another facebook thing || what is beauty

i was tagged in a friendly post on facebook to share 5 images that make me feel beautiful. 

i love facebook and i love my friends and i love random posts and tags like this. 

so i decided i wanted to make a blog post of out it. 

i always try to make anything and everything into a blog post.

i just love to blog. 
especially about girly stuff. 

so, what makes a woman beautiful?

what makes me feel beautiful? 

it used to only be when i had my mascara on and a good hair day. 

i did a 40 day make up fast back in 2012. 
i can't believe it's been that long. wow. 
but it honestly changed me, forever. 
i blogged about it a bit, here's the start of that : 40 day make up fast

and while i was fasting from make up, 
i think i found my true beauty. 
and confidence. 

it's not about the make up. 
it's not about how good i can look in today's world. 

it's about my heart. 
and what i'm doing with my hands and feet. 

it's about how i serve my husband with a cheerful and thankful heart.  

it's about how i feed the hungry. 

it's in the way i care for unwanted children. 

it's how i love on my friend's kids. 

it's in the way i praise my God. 

it's how i behave when people are mean to me. 

in my opinion, woman have it pretty rough today. 
some of it i think is our own fault. 
maybe most. 

the comparisons and the meanness has to stop. 
we're on the same team, fighting the same fight, ladies!

we put these standards on ourselves. 
the magazines put it out there that we have to look like that. 

the lie is that that beauty is something on the outside. 

that is a terrible way to live. 
i CANNOT look like an airbrushed photoshopped babe on a magazine. 
i just can't. 
but by gum, i'm going to try?
what kind of sense does that make?

it's not about the outside appearance. 

it's a persons character that makes them beautiful in my eyes. 
and it's the fact that they were created by my Creator God, and He finds them beautiful. 
that's beautiful to me. 

i do struggle with wanting to feel beautiful. 
but i'm thankful that i'm learning it's not about how i feel. 

you will just have those days when you feel like you look like an ugly beast. 
you just will. 

but i'd rather feel ugly on the outside for a day because my hair just won't 
do what i want it to, than to be an ugly hearted person to those around me. 

i'm determined to have a beautiful inside.
not to fuss about how beautiful i can look on the outside. 

Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.
Proverbs 31:30

let's encourage each other to have beautiful hearts. 
our faces will glow with beauty when we are loving others well. 

so, my 5. 

i feel most beautiful when my heart is just bursting with love for others.

my smile makes up most of my face. it's ethan's favorite. 

it actually hurts to smile so much. it's so much smile. 

there's nothing better than loving people. 
i absolutely want to love others like Christ loves me. 

please share your 5 with me! 

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