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thankful for the day i met that boy in that classroom || love burt living || love story ||

so i met this boy. in 2009. 
in a classroom at community college. 
it was 7pm on a monday. 

he looked a little lost. 
a bit mysterious. 
a lot handsome. 

i wanted to know everything about him as soon as he looked at me.

i worked my womanly ways and got him to offer me a ride to clinicals. 

not really. 
i'm terribly afraid of being late to things and hate not knowing
 where i'm going so i mentioned to him that i didn't know 
where the nursing home is 
and he jumped at the opportunity to give me a ride.

and that was that. 

we were us. 

 i did smoothly get him to kiss me by commenting how the chapstick he had in his car was like the number 1 make out chapstick in the world. or so the commercials said. 
it was really cheesy and i'm totally blushing and laughing at myself right now.
but what do i care? he kissed me! 

from day one i remember him being the most considerate guy i'd ever met. 

offering to carpool so i didn't have to use my zero dollars for gas money.
always always getting my car door and waiting til i was settled to close it 
before going to his side and getting in. i mean. 
offering to drop me off at the front because of the rain while he parked. 
(although i never did because i wanted to run through the rain with him, of course)

he memorized my chapstick favorites and carried one in his pocket because i was always losing mine.
after knowing me for two days he went and got a chapstick for me.
like, what kind of idiot seriously loses their chapstick that they always need, all the time?
and what kind of amazing person goes and buys extras to keep for you. 

this guy. 

he memorized how i take my coffee and tea. 
although he was disgusted at the amount of sugar i added. 

he still always knows where my chapstick is. 
and is still amazed at how i lose it so easily. 

i do use less sugar now. 
which makes him happy. 

riding with him in his car was my favorite. 
for two weeks we rode together to class and we worked together in a nursing home. 

i got to fall in love with him while we loved on old people. 
it was honestly the best way to fall in love, in my opinion.

he flirted with me and only had eyes for me from the moment he saw me. 

he and the old fellas would joke and be inappropriate 
while i would do my job. 

and he got one of the ladies who wouldn't eat for anyone, to eat. 
i cried when i saw him feeding her. 
she was smiling at him. 
she hated me. 
he called her sweetheart. 

in those two weeks, i just knew. 
he says he knew after like 4 minutes. 
but he's crazy. 

i am never afraid for our future as husband and wife.

we're just gunna love each other well and be awesome. 

simple as that.

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