the one with the double chocolate fudge brownie ice cream || because he cares || ethan & bethany burt

ethan is so thoughtful. 

i've been very stressed and very crazy for the past oh.. month. and a half. 
or two months. 

i just get junky around this time of year! 
it's a lot for me to handle and sometimes i choose to not handle it all that well.

but he makes things so fun and so wonderful. 
and he forgives. so cheerfully. 
and he encourages me. 

he reminds me to just be awesome instead and forget the junk. 

basically, he got me a pint of ben and jerry's ice cream. 

i mean. 
just, the best. 

today was not my day. 

i was pretty upset about a lot of things and i just also hated the weather. 
summer is dumb. 
hot and wet outside is no good. like, who would even enjoy that?

anyways, we're in the car running errands and going to my appointments 

and he's all 
"you're so wonderful to be with" 
as he gazes at me with super sweet heart eyes

and i'm all 
"dude, i can't even believe you still like me when i'm behaving like a horrible human being"
and he's all sweet and kisses me and laughs. 


i have it so great. 
& i love him. 

that is all.