this is where i share my whole soul. i write about my struggles. my joys. my amazing life with my handsome husband. our photography company. our cat. wedding seasons. our travels. community. beer and coffee dates. probably lots about pizza, too. i believe that life is worth living. and sharing my story connects me to beautiful souls. i feel like i grow into a better human when i write and read stories. we all have something amazing to share with the world. this is my life in pink. 

... and we're on vacation!! || ethan & bethany burt || the one with the snazzy vacation

 || the great burt vacation ||  

it started yesterday morning. 
we woke up earlier than usual because of excitement. 
we were tired and wanted to sleep in, but so excited we couldn't sleep. 
so we pushed and kicked each other out of bed. 
it was a super funny, sweet morning. 

so. we get everything loaded up and ready to go. 
we kissed cat goodbye. 
i was maybe emotional about that. 
she's my creature baby. it's stupid. i know. 

and then i'm absolutely sure i can make it the whole trip with out stopping. 
i mean, it was a 4 hour trip. that's nothing! 

i made it 57 minutes. 
and i had to pee. 

then i made it another 59 minutes before stopping again. 

i still think that's pretty good.

i'm the worst traveling companion. 

the getaway location and all events are a complete surprise to me. 

ethan does this thing our whole lives where he surprises me. 
and it's awesome. 

we arrived in louisville, kentucky!!

we love kentucky! 
we have brides&grooms & friends near!

we love to travel. 
it's beautiful. 
what a great choice! 

the place is called the galt house. 
and it's stupid gorgeous. 
the letters on the outside of the building are gold. 
i'm really into gold lately. 

we're in a really snazzy suite.
the wallpaper is simple pretty stripes that i can't get enough of. 

this place has three sinks. 
i mean. 
sna. zee.

and we have a view of the river. 

i googled the place we're staying and the prices made me almost poop my pants. 
this is where i'll tell you another awesome thing about ethan burt. 
he does not spend stupid money. 
he is the master of finding great deals.
and then he's adorable and proud of himself. 
and me too! i get to stay an extra day because he's good with money! 

also, thankful he handles our money.

the stuff to see here is so cool. 
we plan to walk along the giant bridge and take some time to just be. 
and probably freak out. i mean. it's a giant bridge. it's a bit terrifying. 

we'll also probably take a lot of pictures. i don't know. maybe. 

our first stop on the way here was chick-fil-a. 
obviously that was enough to make my freaking day. 

and then we went shopping for the week at trader joes!!
an entire store where i can just eat all the food. 
seriously thank God for trader joes. 
we got salads for lunches and pop tarts for breakfast. 
we got snacks and fruit. 
and the freshest orange juice i've ever tasted. 
we're set! 

oh! we also saw a world market. 
and i've only been in one before with my mom and sisters and i fell in love. 
so i asked ethan if we could go. 
he really liked it too! 
it's so nicely priced. some things are still ridiculous but 
we just laugh and don't buy those things. 

ethan told me that obviously i'm going to get a mug during our trip (love his guts) 
so do i want to do it at the beginning of the trip or at the end? 
well, i found the p e r f e c t oversized mug and it was $4 so, duh. 
done and done. 

it's just so good to be loved by ethan burt. 

he is sincerely the best human ever created. 

he buys my favorite snacks. 
he finds out about cute shoppes and places to take me just 
because he knows i'd enjoy seeing it. 

like yesterday. we strolled along just trying to get familiar and there was a boutique clothing store. so we went it and i hub-ubbed with the adorable sales girl and learned about this shop. then we looked around and i tried on hats. 

so fun! i love people. 

and meeting workers and 
store owners and just learning about their lives. 

we didn't buy anything. wanted the hat. but i don't need the hat. 
see, i'm learning.

but we met a sweet girl and talked to her for 5 minutes. that's wonderful.
i know her name.
& i'll think about her from time to time now for the rest of my life. 
this, my heart. 
i just crave knowing people. 

more about ethan : 
he finds the donut shops. 
he finds the good coffee. 
i'm so glad i married him. 

he knows i just love to be. with. him. 
so we stroll. and laugh. and talk. 

he's a dreamer and a sharer. 
so we're dreaming up stuff and planning together. 
sharing our hearts. 
seeking Christ in all that we do and aim for. 

he's handsome. times 50. 

he's just thoughtful. 
and kind. 

he has a few fun things planned and he also has just relaxing and nothing planned. 
he's knows exactly what i need. 

i'm so excited to see what's coming this week! 
so far, so amazing. 

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