this is where i share my whole soul. i write about my struggles. my joys. my amazing life with my handsome husband. our photography company. our cat. wedding seasons. our travels. community. beer and coffee dates. probably lots about pizza, too. i believe that life is worth living. and sharing my story connects me to beautiful souls. i feel like i grow into a better human when i write and read stories. we all have something amazing to share with the world. this is my life in pink. 

IF Local - Danville || IF Team || Danville, Illinois || just three women saying yes to obey God.

so. we are the if : danville team.

God has placed a responsibility on our hearts. 
we just can't sit around anymore. 
we have to say yes. 
and we're ready to obey. 

we've been blessed by the IF:Gathering. and we're bringing it to our community. 

God has placed on each of our hearts this ache for women. 
this longing to share with women what God has done 
and is doing in our weak, broken hearts.

we desire to know you. 
and for you to know how dearly loved you truly are. 

we are ready for the women of danville (and surrounding areas!)
to stand bravely together as we seek out God's purpose for each of our lives.
 we are ready to dig deep into the heart of the Gospel.

we're tired of the fluffy Christian life. 
there, we said it.
we just are. 

when God transforms you and you surrender your heart to Jesus, it will wreck your life.
in the absolute best and hardest way. 

this life is not easy. few will choose to walk this narrow road. 

but we're not going to be afraid any longer.

we want to be brave and bold in Christ. 
to work through the gritty, tearful moments,
uncomfortable parts of us, our pasts, our stories, 
our doubts & fears to produce the Good Fruit & have great and everlasting Joy. 

it's about to get real.

will you join us?

danielle : 
i was thinking about all that i am. 
an accountant. 
lover of carmel vanilla creme coffee. 
and sugar. lots and lots of sugar.
lover, not a fighter. 
shopping is my favorite. always.shopping. 
because, shopping. 
blue eyed girl. 
handy-man handsome husband.
lover of souls. 
my hope is that you would come to IF and just feel so very loved. 
my heart longs for you to know that you are wanted. 
that you are valued. 
when i was a teen i pushed the limits. 
i probably made my parents crazy. 
i lied. i went places they didn't want me to go. 
we yelled. i did things just to make them mad. 
but they stuck by me. 
they prayed for me. 
they loved me. 
unconditional. love. 
and that's what i want you to feel. 
that you would know that there is a God who loves you, no matter what you've done or where you've been. He meets you where you are. and wants you. 
if you can repent and believe in Him.
every little thing about you is for a reason. 
it's on purpose.  
i want you to find your song, your God given joy, and turn it into Glory. 

chelsea : 
i believe that every person has a few defining God moments in their lives. 
IF was one of the absolute unmistakable God moments in mine. 
a lot has been changing and happening in my heart this past year.
this life is so fleeting and God is so permanent. 
i feel an urgency to reach people, especially women, and tell them about His relentless love.
God told me the perfect place to start was my own community.
so here we are bringing IF to Danville. 
if one woman's heart can be changed because IF came to this community, imagine what that one woman will go do for the Kingdom.

bethany : 
 it was during the IF:Local my sister hosted and invited me to. 
i was sitting next to my friend, chelsea, who i made come with me. 
really, it hasn't hard to convince her, i just told her "i have no idea what this is but jen hatmaker will be there" and she was on board. i love that about her. 
we have been growing in our friendship and growing in Christ and we wanted to know what this thing was all about. so, we were at IF probably only 45 minutes in when i turned around and at the same time we said to each other "we have to bring this thing to danville". 
so, here we are. 
not knowing what we're doing. but knowing it just has to be done. 
i was changed by IF. 
i have never been so changed and i'm a church goin' girl from day one. 
i went to CIY and Passion and grew up at church camp all day every day each summer of my life. but God used IF and this exact time in my life to change my heart completely. 
and now i have to do something about it. 
i can't sit still. 
i feel for women. 
i am one. 
we're a mess. 
we need Jesus, girls.
He's real. He's here. and He wants to be in relationship with you. 
it is the most romantic relationship i've ever been in or will ever be in. 
& i want this for you.


okay. november eighth. twenty fourteen. 
more information here : IF Local Danville, Illinois
and register here : november 8th registration

please email us! we'd love to hear from you. & don't be afraid to ask questions or not know what's going on. we didn't either! just say yes. and let God do the rest. 
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