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napkin holder || diy || crafting pretty stuff ||

while we were traveling we went to every goodwill we could find. 
because GOODWILL.
and we found some treasures! 
some new pretties will be up in my etsy shop if i ever get done editing photos and can get to it ;)

but until then, i'll keep making the pretty photos and 
craft some fun things during my breaks.

so, ethan found this napkin holder. he showed it to me and i'm like. napkins? really? 
but he thought i would like to craft it. and it was only $2. 

let's pause. 
so, how cute is he? 
he is so thoughtful. and even when my brain is thinking etsy shop must find the things to sell, he's thinking, what would bring my wife joy? she's cute. she likes to craft. she could totally turn this into something adorable for our kitchen table. and i love him. OY. 

okay. unpause.
i had the perfect mustard yellow paint at home just ready to be used for this. 

the before is in this first photograph. 
you can kinda tell. it's just plain dark brown. 
not even the pretty wood dark brown. like the ugly kind.

here's my crafted napkin holder. 
 i hope it inspires you to take something less adorable and make it super adorable. 

what you need :
paint - i get the sample paints from lowe's or home depot, etc. about $3
paint/sponge brushes - hobby lobby or michael's 
mod podge - i used to make my own but it's a pain so i get it at michael's 
pretty scrap paper or fabric  
something to craft - like a napkin holder! 

oh & i painted this b. with a toothpick. easy peasey.

here's something funny.
we don't even use napkins. 

we tear paper towels in half because we don't like the texture of most napkins. 
so. this makes me laugh. 
i have the cutest napkin holder. 
i'm going to pre-rip a bunch of paper towels to put in my new holder. 

how fun! now i'm excited to get back to wedding editing. have a beautiful fall day! 

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