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Rose Colored Glasses Photography || Ethan & Bethany Burt || FREE Wedding Photography Giveaway 2015

Why are you doing this?
So, we're in our 5th year of marriage and about to start year 3 of business together. 
Marriage is our passion and photographing weddings is just something we must do. It feels like the most natural thing to us. It just makes sense. 
We've been so blessed! We share in a rich and full marriage and we're thankful for yet another year of successful business. We just can't keep it all to ourselves so we wish to give away a wedding package! We do this to remind us of how precious this life is. How great memories are and how truly blessed we are to do what we love for a living. We are thrilled to give away a full wedding day of photography to a couple that we are longing to know personally.  

And, because we do what we want. 

What does the couple get?
A full day with Ethan and Bethany Burt! How exciting! 
Oh yeah, and free wedding photography from 
Rose Colored Glasses Photography! (a $2500 value). 
We’ll be with you when you get ready right through to the reception 
(up to 8 hours of coverage). 
We’ll then edit the photos and get them to you on a USB drive, ready for printing. 
We’ll also upload the files to an online gallery that you can share with family and friends.

How will this work?
The couple, a family member or their friends submit the couple’s story via email to weddinggiveaway2015@gmail.com. We will choose a couple and announce the lucky winners on Thanksgiving day. If you aren’t the couple submitting an entry, please confirm with them that they don’t already have a photographer before you enter them in the contest.

Are there any rules?
Rules are, there are no rules. 
Just kidding. 
There are six rules. 
We just like to quote Fight Club any chance we get. 

The couple must be getting married in 2015 and not have already booked a photographer. 
The date must be open on both of our calendars. 
If we're not available for your wedding, we’ll let you know right away.
The wedding has to be within approximately 60 miles of Danville,IL or travel fees then apply.
We cannot already know you (we do not want to show favorites), and we can’t have already been in contact with you for a wedding. 

What do I need to include in my submission?
This is where you get to shine! Tell us your story! 
We want to know all about you and why you feel you should win free wedding photography. 
This is not a "likes" competition. This is a narrative competition. 
We want to know you both, and the story of how you came to be a couple. 
The bride and groom’s first and last names and their contact information.
We want as much detail as possible with the couple’s meet-cute story.
The wedding date and locations 
(of the ceremony, reception, etc – whatever may be known).
A photo of the couple. 
This will be used on the blog post when we announce the final couple.
A link to the bride and grooms Facebook accounts (if they have one).

Where and when do I send my submission?
Email entry submissions and any questions you may have to weddinggiveaway2015@gmail.com.
Submissions are due by November 24th at midnight CST.

Spread the word!
Not only will we love you forever if you help spread the word by sharing this giveaway (Blog, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, word of mouth, etc), but it may also truly benefit someone's life! By you sharing this giveaway, they have the opportunity to win free wedding photography for their most special day. Then we'd get to become forever friends as we capture their day and watch their marriage grow for years to come. 
Please share this giveaway with everyone you know! 

Get excited!! 
We are ready to hear from you!
Good luck! :) 
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