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in five years time || love burt living || ethan and bethany || the one with the first date

five years ago today. 
we went on our very first date. 

splendid. \ 12.05.09. 

we met during cna class. so we had clinicals every day. 
ethan was very smooth and offered to carpool so i wouldn't have to pay for gas. 
first gentlemen thing. 
next, he asked me on a date like the second day, but for the end of the week. 
so i'd have time to get my work done during the week and then we would go out. 
second gentlemen thing. 
we had already talked about favorite ways to spend an evening and places to eat 
(because i never shy away from telling you what i think about FOOD) 
so he didn't even have to ask my opinion on anything to plan this perfect date. 
third gentlemen thing. 

i was so nervous getting ready for this date. 
i had to wear the perfect outfit because i was in scrubs all week so this was really my chance to look fabulous in regular date night clothes. 
i had a 10 ish minute drive to his house from my house. 
i was so giddy. 

i pulled into the driveway and he was watching for me so he just glides out of the house like this insanely handsome person and walks down the porch steps and over to my car door. 
he's stupid good looking. 
and graceful. 
i'm like this wonky, messy, falls over standing straight up, girl. 
and he's this brilliant creature. 
never even falls over. 
wearing a black shirt and dark jeans. 
he's always very mysterious looking and like you're just not sure if this will go badly or not. 
but you just trust him. 
because his heart was pure. 

i choose to remember these times, like, all the time. 
what it does to my heart to remember! 

even now, five years later. 
he is the sweetest thing. 
still dark and mysterious. 
but i know him. 
like i was just supposed to know him. 

i hadn't really dated. and when i did it didn't go well. 
so we're in his car and i'm all stressed out. 
my hands were sweaty and i finally asked him if i should pay for dinner and he pays for the movie? or do i pay for the snacks at the movie and he gets everything else?
i didn't want to already mess everything up because i didn't know what i should pay for. 
and i wasn't going to expect him to pay for everything. 
i didn't have a job  at the time and was in school so naturally i borrowed money from my parents. which i just now realized i never gave back. oops. 
he looked at me like he was actually pissed. 
(not at me but at the idea of me thinking i would pay for this date)
and he said shut up. i've got everything. 
fourth gentlemen thing. 

our first date taught me a lot about real men. 
and how they should be. 
i thought that night that i want to have his children. 
too soon?  ;)

our first date dinner plans didn't go the way he wanted. 
so i tease him about it all the time. 
but we did get to dinner somewhere else. 
and we found our booth. 
and he told me he was embarrassed but this will be a story to tell our grandchildren. 
and i tried not to be that crazy girl that immediately makes a scrap book about it. 

it is simple for us. 
and i'm so thankful.

so this morning as i sit in my front window with my coffee and our movie ticket stubs, in my husbands pants, i thank God for such a wonderful story.

i don't think it's necessary or even important that every person get married. 
i think God can use each one of us if we let Him, and it doesn't have to be through marriage. 
but He has brought us here, together, with Him as our foundation. 
and i am just beyond amazed at what He does in our lives.

we get to be giddy and silly and never apologize for kissing at the supermarket. 
we get to be grown ups and have hard days and be upset and learn lessons. 
we get to be kind and serve one another.

i get to smell his smell. 
i get to touch his beard. 
i get to smash my face against his face because we're weird people and like to do that. 
i get to watch him plan dates for us. 
and the joy it brings him to sit in a movie theater next to me. 
i know he watches my face more than he ever watches the movie. 
i'm OK with that. forever. 

that was the best first day i've ever had. 
it's all cheesy and lame and i don't even care.
we have found such joy in each other. 
God is such a brilliant matchmaker.  

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