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tonight was beautiful. 

i intended on going to bed early. 

i'm exhausted from today's work. 

such a good, long, hard days work. 

it feels good to the soul. 

so i was very ready for bed very early. 

but then i just needed to remember tonight. 

so here i am. 


to enjoy it completely. 

ethan and i started a whole new study series on the new testament. 

completely on accident. 

so it's just the absolute best that can be. 

and already, only like ten pages in, we're incredibly blessed. 

God & N.T. Wright are totally legit. 

so is ethan burt. 

we just talk after and by this point we've moved around a million times 

because that's what terribly uncomfortable all the time injured people have to do. 

& i get a wiff of our bedding and i just smile. 

ethan's in the middle of talking and by this point in our relationship he knows

i love him but i'm always only half listening because at any moment i could

just need to mention the smells in the room or the way i feel. 


tonight it was a smell. 

i breathed in our bedding. 

and my heart just leaped in my chest. 

i cut ethan off and told him i love that smell. 

and told him it's silly but i love this more than any bouquet of flowers in the whole world.

and.i.love.bouquets of all the flowers. 

but this, this is so so much sweeter. 

this is our bed.

he said it's not silly at all. 

we breathe each other in all the time. 

and over the past 5 years, we've been creating a smell. 

gross, i know. haha

but i love it. 

it's our place. 

it's only ours. 

we love here. 

we fight here. 

we laugh here. 

cat cuddles us really cute like here. 

we dream here. 

we study here. 

we work here. 

we just are, here. 


we used to not know each other. 

then we met. 

then the love happened. 

and God has gifted us with marriage. 

and now we are a forever family. 

like, this is it. 

what's supposed to be. 

he's my person. 

i wanna smell his smell forever. 

i want to close my eyes and enjoy his love each time he breathes in my neck while i make grilled cheese sandwiches at 10 o'clock at night. 

i'm madly in love with this smell. 

plus i just love blankets. 

a bouquet of burt blankets.

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