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bethany burt || winter time || the beauty and the pain || danville, illinois

i really like winter. 

i really like danville. 

i really like snow. 

i really like candle fire. 

today i've decided to stay here for a really long time. 

i think God already decided it. 

but my heart just caught up. 

this ice is from last winter. 

and guess what!? it kinda looks like this again this winter! 

because, winter happens each year in illinois. 

i know, it's so crazy. 

i enjoy so much the snow fall on the gorgeous evergreens. 

i don't think there's anything more beautiful. 

i'm thankful for a cozy home. 

a crazy, not ever finished, home.

we have these crazy ideas to renovate the house. 

we probably will. 

it'll be fantastic. 

or we'll never get there. 

and that's okay, too. 

life is so short. 

and we waste too much time. 

i try to find the beauty in the cold. 

it's easy on a not super windy day when the snow is just lovely and fluffy. 

painting the whole world with a bright white light. 

but some days are just downright nasty. 

and i know this time of year is so hard for so many people. 

and i'm sad and sorry that that is the case. 

i wish for them comfort and warmth through this cold cold winter. 

i'm thankful for social media. 

people sharing their hearts and their stories. 

their loss and their victories. 

it really jolts my heart. 

in the best of ways. 

we all have bad days. 

hard times. 

cold nights. 

but we have the hope of Jesus. 

that keeps me going. 

it's overwhelming the need around me. 

i cannot do it all in a day. 

but i can do a little bit, every day that i'm granted.

i can be thankful and choose joy. 

delight in my marriage. 

be cheerful.

see the good. 

be the good. 

and be heartbroken for what happened in someone else's day. 

i can pray for how to be intentional with them. 

what would help them. 

how to serve them. 

ready to aid them. 

be real about what sucks in this world. 

but rest in the truth that this is not our only life. 

we have an everlasting life available to us. 

and it is going to be so sweet.  

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