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happy monday. 

one of my favorite songs is

you  & i

by ingrid michaelson. 

also, ingrid is one of my very favorite names for a baby girl.

not important. just throwing that out there. 

so i want to give something cute away!

i've never done a giveaway before. 

well, besides wedding photography ;) 

and somehow that seems easier. 

so i crafted this. 

 it brings me joy. 

& i want to give it to you. 


it's cute. 

i made it with pretty paper & paint & wooden letters & love. 

so if you like it & want it, send me an email : 


with your name and address. 

or if you want it for a friend, give me their name and address and it'll be a surprise to them.

i'll pick a name from a hat and that's who gets it.

how fun is this!? 

i'm getting butterflies thinking about it.

i'll leave the giveaway open until tonight? tomorrow? i don't know. the next day?

why am i so nervous? 

and then draw a name out of a hat. 

oh! my new mustard hat. 

i'll use that.


see. cute. 

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