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the photographer's hobby || bethany burt || how to even have time for a hobby when you're a business owner

it's confusing to me now how to have a hobby. 

ethan bought me a camera with this conviction that i needed to be a photographer. 

his idea of course was to start as a hobby. 

but i always jump ahead before i'm ready. 

so hello, business! 

thank goodness for God's amazing grace with his children. 

God has just provided and leads the way

we just want to obey. 

sometimes it's hard to know when to move, when to wait, when i'm leading or when i'm actually obeying His call. 

it's been so clear over the last couple years and now we are here. 

we love and appreciate everyone who has supported us. 

it's crazy how fast time is moving. 

now we're all "wow, remember their wedding TWO YEARS AGO. and we're all friends now"

like, what. 

when did that happen. 

i remember just getting the call from that bride and i didn't even know her yet 

and i was so giddy and sweaty talking to her on the phone like some maniac praying she'll want me to shoot her wedding and not think i'm scary. 

or say "um" too many times. 

cool stuff, folks. 

we're so thankful. 

just. thankful. 

so now we're here and it's wonderful owning your own business. 

it's incredibly scary and sometimes money is very very tight. 

as i'm sure with all other jobs. 

it's so fun to figure these things out with my husband. 

the newest thing to figure out for me, is

what is my hobby? 

because like, photography is only a hobby, right? 


my profession is photography. 

and now i'm also allowing it to still be a hobby. 

everything i've done for the last 3+ years is figure out how to take photos for a living.

 so we can eat. and buy coffee. 

and maybe make some kids one day. 

so i started this etsy shop. 

i'm all "yeah i'm gunna make a part time living just from etsy"


 people do, and those people are rockstars. 

it was just a lot of work for me. 

when i'm already doing a lot of work. 

i can't handle that job, too. 

so i'm starting over. 


is now my hobby. 

it started out as fun for like one day, and then i immediately tried to make it a business. 

you know if you spend any time with me, tell me one dream you have, then i am telling you to quit your job or school and make it your living. ha! it just doesn't always work that way.  and that's okay.

now i truly do have my own business. 

and i can allow my full crazy business brain to RELAX and have a hobby. 

which still involves photography. 

it's a way for me to do creative work with zero pressure. 

and then if someone loves it, cool! buy it and i'll ship it off.  

it will bring you joy! 

the goal! 


also i get to travel with work and also in my own town, 

to cute shoppes and places to find these amazing treats to photograph & sell in my shop!


a fun day just to myself really just involves a coffee and goodwill. 


but i don't do that at all during busy season. 

so then i'm never happy. 

haha! jokes again. 

i don't find my happiness through goodwill. 


but i have been not the most fun bethany for like.. 5 months. 

it's important to take some time off work to you know, stay sane. 

i will be more disciplined in my work schedule so i can make time for my creative outlet. 

i think the mix up for me is that my work is so incredibly fun, too. 

i mean, i literally live for it. 

these rich relationships with people. 

gathering with all these couples & families to capture some of the most precious memories of their entire life. 


also, HEAVY. 

 ethan and i being incredibly intentional with our marriage because we love each other so intensely & God, that we want our best marriage possible. 

and we want all our newly married RCG couples to know this, too. 

but with work, of course, there are the deadlines, expectations and everyone waiting on us to fulfill our promises, which we always have,

 but we have so many now it gets more and more piled up.

(celebrates and thanks God. as well as hides and takes a nap). 

so i forget to hobby & relax when i have so much to do. 

we don't close at 5pm and reopen at 8am. 

we're being watched by our computers and phones 24/7 and it gets scary at times. 

so, breathe. 

and realize it's good to have a hobby. 

and close the office door at night. 

new creative ideas slap my brain in the face all the time and it's most pure when i'm relaxed and just being naturally creative. 


today i eat lunch on the floor in my studio. 

i create a cute little scene to photograph and sell this AMAZING milk & creamer set! 


after taking this image, i took a giant, too-hot bite of my joe's o's and spilled them on my leggings. it burned. and i maybe cursed a little. 

hashtag real life. 

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