this is where i share my whole soul. i write about my struggles. my joys. my amazing life with my handsome husband. our photography company. our cat. wedding seasons. our travels. community. beer and coffee dates. probably lots about pizza, too. i believe that life is worth living. and sharing my story connects me to beautiful souls. i feel like i grow into a better human when i write and read stories. we all have something amazing to share with the world. this is my life in pink. 

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all i need is a little pretty stationary kit & i'm happy.




this is a gift from my sister in law. 

she gets me. 

she had no idea i had just been in our new mall paper store and eeek'ed over this very set! 

ethan said no of course. 

because someone has to pull the reigns on my crazy paper buying habits. 

is is silly how happy this paper makes me? 


it's OK. 

it brings me joy because, well, the pretty. 

it's soft and bright and light. 

it's perfectly romantic with the little french girl. 

and the adorable hello's in different languages.

the lovely colors.  

it really brings me joy because these are going to be sent off to people. 

i don't know who, yet. 

and i don't know when. 

i don't even know what i'll write on it. 

i will pray about it. 

that i will know who to be intentional with when i am sending these. 

and that it will bring joy to their hearts. 

i love stationary because it connects me to people. 

all across the world! 

i'm meeting people and becoming pen pals. 

i've pretty much taken a break in december - january

from writing letters because i've been all over the place

and my adjustments have kicked my bum, it's really hard to sit and write with a pen. 

but, i can still write. and i can send letters. 

and i plan to. 

it's so romantic. 

to write a letter to a dear friend. 

to share in life with them. 

to hear about their family. 

her sweet husband. 

what makes them tick. 

what makes them fill up with joyful tears. 

what their days are like.

how their story is so different from mine.

and beautiful. 

holding each other accountable. 

pointing toward Christ. 

these relationships are so true. and rich. 

i'll also keep a few of these beauties just for myself. 

if i had better handwriting i'd really do it up right. 

but i'll just pay my sister to have her

custom work

on it for me. 

because she's incredible. 

obviously it will be the little french one.

then i'll frame it and it'll bring me joy for the rest of time. 

i'll enjoy these because they were a gift. 

someone loved me and gifted these to me. 

because they knew it'd bring me joy. 

so it was meant to be enjoyed. 

delighted in. 

not because it's a thing to be put more important than people, or God, or my husband. 

 it's just paper. to enjoy. a sweet gift. 

to add some lovely to my day. 

it also makes me happy because they are simple, yet so creative. 

i'm proud of whoever created it. 

that person didn't just sit and feel sorry for themselves. 

they got up and made it and said "yes, i love this. someone else will, too"

and they pushed through,

 and designed it. 

it's art. 

it's someones brain and heart, put on paper. 

so that i can write my heart on it, and send it to a friend. 

oh, this is so much more than just pretty little stationary. 

it inspires me to make my art. 

even if no one else likes it. 

maybe just that one person will be touched by it. 

even if that one person is just me. 

and my sweet husband because he supports all of me.  

i was born to create. 

so i'll keep going. 

one more day. 

the day that God has assigned to me. 

and i won't waste it. 

i will choose to see His beauty in today. 

and seek His face in all i do. 

i will choose joy. 

i will choose a cheerful heart. 

 i will smile at others. 

look them right in the eyes. 

help where i can.

and love them. 

i will live today, intentionally. 

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