this is where i share my whole soul. i write about my struggles. my joys. my amazing life with my handsome husband. our photography company. our cat. wedding seasons. our travels. community. beer and coffee dates. probably lots about pizza, too. i believe that life is worth living. and sharing my story connects me to beautiful souls. i feel like i grow into a better human when i write and read stories. we all have something amazing to share with the world. this is my life in pink. 

the no make up series || we made it! well, kind of. || bold. brave. naked faces.

we are at the end!! 
today marks forty days. 
we can all put the make up on tomorrow! 
we're all shouting and dancing in our bathrooms. 
hold all of our mascara and apologizing for leaving them behind for so long. 

some of us cannot wait to wear make up every day again. 
that is okay. 
and some of us may bare our naked faces more and more and leave the mascara behind for good
and that is also okay. 

this point of this fast was not to make women not wear make up again. 
it was to truly reflect on why we wear make up, 
reflect on who we wear make up for, 
why it makes us feel a certain way, 
and to cleanse our hearts and find our true identity in Christ. 
as daughters of the one true king! 

thank you for following along! 
if you loved it and wish to do a fast please tell us! 
we'd love to hear from you. 
i'd also love to help you do a fast of your own so please contact me anytime! 

here we go. one last time.
reflections from week five : 

So, I feel like I'm the one who ultimately failed this make-up fast. Which I do feel bad about because I absolutely understand Bethany's heart and purpose behind doing this fast. It was such an honor that she asked all of us to be a part of it.

Please know that true beauty is not defined by the clothes you wear, how much you weigh, or how much make-up you apply. Your worth is found in Christ! He sees you and knows you. There is nothing greater than experiencing His grace and love!

If you struggle with wearing make-up all the time and feel that you are defined by it, then doing a fast is so beneficial. A forty day journey is just what you need! (Even if you don't make it the full 40 days! I'm truly amazed that I made it 26 days, folks!)

You will learn things about yourself you never knew. It allows you to reevaluate what is most important in your life. You will also find that God is always there, holding your hand, and saying that what the world defines you as is NOT what matters. He accepts you. He loves you. He sees the entirety of your beauty. That is enough!


I miss concealer.
I really hate pimples.
Especially pimples women get around mother nature's visit.
Pretty sure I resemble a pepperoni pizza.

The further I get into this fast, the more I miss my make up. Bad.
I want to feel pretty.
Like really pretty.

 I've been having a really hard time with my eating disorder in addition to the fast.
And it's not making this fast easy.

But one day at a time.
Then it's the next day.
And the next.

But I'm needing faith.
And prayers.
And husband's kisses.

He's so good to me.
He helps me through all of this eating disorder hurt and bad stuff.
I really picked a good one.

So today, I am thankful for my husband.
Cause that's what I need to focus on.
Cause today's weather was beautiful.
And my husband and I got to eat together for lunch.
And we get to spend the rest of our evening together with our monster fat fat fat dog.

It's going. Gotta stay strong.

Game face.


Now that we are 36 days in to this challenge I feel entirely different. I have shed all those feelings of self doubt that were there at the beginning of this. I truly feel that I see myself through a different lens.  I no longer take my Sunday Selfie and think "geez, I'm gonna need about 500 of these to find the right one, where i dont look quite so awful".  There is an amazing, freeing self confidence that has happened during these days. This,world, is me! This is the me that no longer needs any shield to shine on out and be me for everyone to see.  I am proud to be me and
proud to own this face and all the features that make me me.  This week, I took the time to see myself in my children. The parts of me that I have passed on.... The wrinkle of a nose, dimples when smiling, a pointed "are you serious" look, freckles, nose shape, eyes squinting in concentration. There are so many parts of me written on each of my children. And the truly beautiful, humbling, surreal part is that in perfect harmony with the me in them is the equal marks of their daddy. This. This perfect merging of us created these beautiful little creatures who are so clearly ours.  There isn't anything in the world that makes me prouder of my face in all its naturalness than to see it reflected back in my children.  That phenomenal beauty makes me the proud bearer of ALL that is me. My children, the big part of my legacy, are my own self so purely and beautifully reflected back to me. This realization alone and the amount of pride this realization has given me made every second of this challenge worth it.  Incredibly thankful and grateful and humbled by the way this has changed me for the better. Bringing a deep pride and peace and self love that was not there before.  LIFE AND SOUL CHANGING. - kate. 

We've all done it. You know... I know you know. Finding the right lighting, taming the fly aways, choosing a direction to look, which smile...perfecting "the face" for the "perfect" selfie.

Yep. How many pics does it take to get "the one" - the one that goes out to the world?

We live in a selfie crazed world. They're all over...Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. I'm not pointing fingers, I'm guilty. It took me more than one (more like, more than 10) pics to get the one to submit for this posting.

Who even coined the term "selfie"?!? It's all about image.  We want the world to see us a certain way - the perfect way. Who wants to see our ugly days? Who wants to see the blemishes, the untamed eyebrows....who really wants to see the real us?  We stage this perfect picture, open an app, add a filter, and make tiny adjustments until it looks just right and then click the arrow and it's posted. It's out there. We're out there...well this "perfected" image of us is out there.  This doctored up, covered up, filtered to death photo is out there for all to see.  But who is the person underneath all that filter?

When it comes down to it, we can paint ourselves up for millions of strangers who happen upon this posted "perfection," but WHO is the person underneath? We can only hide our true and natural selves for so long from those around us - from those who we do life with.

We can't and never have been able to hide ourselves from our creator. HE made us in HIS image. An image that is perfect without all the filters, paint, and hashtags.

This week, even with blemishes, I walked with confidence. A confidence that I've gained through this fast. I've been able to see my naked face as something that's a perfect gift - made for me. No one else has my nose, my eyes, or the little mole on my cheek. HE sees me for who HE created me to be.

#nofilter yourself. - alicia. 

After spending this entire week on a missions trip in NYC, I was reaffirmed about what I have been learning on this 40 day journey. This would be that there is so much more to life than looks. It took talking to a homeless person to realize the true riches in life are your relationships, with God and people. Are you loving to people? Do you pursue a relationship with Jesus? Are you dedicated to showing Him to others? This is what truly makes you beautiful. Pursue true beauty, everything else will leave you empty and hopeless.


well this is the last week. 

during the 40 days there have been days that i really felt i needed make up. 
but i've done the fast before and i'm more used to pushing through so i did it again. 
absolutely no make up. not even a little bit. for forty straight days. 

the hardest days were my serious pants works days. 
we shot one wedding, two engagement sessions, a few boudoir sessions and a couple babies but they don't care because they are babies. we've booked three weddings, so we had meetings with really cute new couples and i had a bare face with pimples and tired eyes. i've had coffee meetings and met with some business people in danville for some of the work my husband does. i felt like a little girl who wasn't allowed to wear make up.
and i felt like i did not look professional. but i also felt like it shouldn't matter. and i'm finding confidence in that. plus i've always been a girl who does what she wants. so that attitude works in my favor here. 

my husband has thanked me several times throughout the 40 days for not wearing make up. this has been a dream come true for that crazy man. (i adore and sometimes dislike this about him). i told him today that he knows i'm going to wear mascara tomorrow, right? and he rolled his eyes and said no please. ;) 

i already know how i will move forward from this because i have done it before and had my huge heart and life change. i will wear mascara when i feel like i want to or am having a night out or fancy meeting. but also maybe not. my clients haven't cared about me wearing make up. they know my wearing make up has nothing to do with my ability to produce photos for them. i know my husband prefers me without it and i have grown to love myself and appreciate the way god made me. which is exactly what i prayed about when i did this fast.

sometimes mascara is just fun, tho. so i will still use it.
i don't use any other face make up because i know it's mostly poison.
i will be researching brands and finding truly appropriate companies and might consider some blush. i do love lip stuff and mascara so i will be buying organic from now on. 

i'm mostly just so excited that other women decided to do this with me! 
i don't care if they made it the full 40 days. they made it 10 or 30 or 40 days and i'm proud of them. this is really hard. once your mom finally let's you start wearing make up in the 8th grade for that dance, we just turn into make up monsters. and i get that. but sometimes, just sometimes, i want us to dig deeper. and bare it all. and fast a little. realize that we don't need. it shouldn't control us. and we should know who created us. we are loved, valuable, beautiful women. and make up doesn't make us that way. we already are that way. 

bless each and every one of you women who did this fast with me. thank you. 
and i can't wait to fast from something else in the future and challenge women to do it, too!