at home with bb || lunch time || busy boss girl meals.

i told ethan i'm tired of needing to eat all the time. 
he said i can thank eve for that. 
oh, he's always got the jokes. 
and we laughed and laughed. 

so. i've had all the coffee and i need to eat actual food now. 
but i'm busy. 
and have no time. 
the photos need to get done. 
the people are waiting. 
i feel like i can't move from my office chair. 
but i also like to eat. 

i just need to let you know something. 

if you don't like tuna, you probably suck as a person. 

favorite busy girlboss meal : 
tuna, mayo, spicy mustard. 
also, crackers. 
you have lunch. 
it's easy. 
it's delicious. 
it has TUNA in it. so. 
you're welcome. 

let's also talk about how spicy mustard is from heaven. 
just gimme it all. 
you can use regular mustard if you're not into the spicy brown. 

i use my perfect little christmas tree bowls from my mom. 
it'll last in the fridge for a couple days if i don't eat it all.
but i usually do. unless i make double or triple. 

i don't measure. 
just spoon some mayo in there. 
mix it up. 
add mustard until you're happy. 
sea salt and fresh pepper. 


also, i found my format cd today. 
 i'm really happy listening.
 and i'm reliving my funny young(er) life. 
i still love this music. 
i went through a break up to this cd. 
and then hated it, of course, for a while. 
and it makes me giggle now.
oh, dumb young bethany. 
that's cute.