this is where i share my whole soul. i write about my struggles. my joys. my amazing life with my handsome husband. our photography company. our cat. wedding seasons. our travels. community. beer and coffee dates. probably lots about pizza, too. i believe that life is worth living. and sharing my story connects me to beautiful souls. i feel like i grow into a better human when i write and read stories. we all have something amazing to share with the world. this is my life in pink. 

my life and my song || bethany burt || just some stuff

 . b e t h a n y   b u r t . 

i love the smell of gasoline. 
and skunks. 
and permanent markers. 

my middle name is faith and i always used to just wish my name was faith and 
i could go by "faye" like liv tyler in that thing you do.
because i basically just want to be her. 

i quote movies on a daily basis. 
remember the titans is one of my all time favorite movies to quote. 
also, you've got mail. 

i hated mustard growing up. 
now i eat it any chance i get and adore wearing the color. 

i love marvel movies. 

i love musicals. 
and sometimes pretend that i'm a great musical actress. 

i love shopping at goodwill.
i think it's fun to wear boy clothes with floral leggings.
or weird tees with skirts. 

i just wish i never had to wear shoes. 
barefoot is best. 

i want to write some books. 

i want to teach a "love your husbands" bible study of some sort. 
i am incredibly passionate about women. and wives. 
and the learning God stuff. 

i've loved Jesus all my life. 
always have felt close to Him. 
i'm thankful for my childhood. 

true sacrificial living, Christ following, all in, surrendered life is new to me, though. 
it's thrilling and beautiful and sorrowful. 

i really like johnny cash and his life story. and his june. 
i'm just fascinated by him for some reason. 
ethan makes fun of his songs but i don't even care. 

october is my favorite month. 
i don't have a least favorite month. 
i love winter. 

my husband calls me his lily. 
he is also very romantic and charming. 
it's dangerous. 

i have three tattoos. 
i want more. 

i enjoy so much being self-employed. 
it really is the only thing that has made sense. 
and i'm thankful for a husband who likes risks and crazy living. 
he's fully self-employed with me and it's just glorious. 
it's definitely what God is asking of us. 

i've always wanted a house with floral wallpaper. 
i'm actually very old. 

i really love all the popular sayings these days
"all the feels"
"all the love"
"heart eyes"
and such. 
it's just fun. 
who thinks of this stuff! 

i feel most productive when i'm home working without pants on. 
pants just slow you down. 

i like to be silly and have fun. 
i'm responsible and i make wise choices. 
but i'm a freaking goof. 
i have a lot of joy. & it just comes out in silly, colorful ways. 

i had no idea how much i love surprises until i got married. 
ethan brought that out in me. 
something is coming for me tomorrow. 
he told me sunday. 
he's so good. 

i love working with women. 
i'm really into emotional portraits. 
i'm over the whole "modern boudoir" thing. 
i'll post more about what i mean on that later. it's really heavy on my heart. 
but i love women. 
i love the beauty we hold in our hearts, on our faces, in our eyes, in our character. 
and i really dislike the comparisons and the meanness. 
and the "kind-rude talk"
women are the best at this. and it's so awful. 
that's when you say mean things but you talk real nice, so it sounds OK. 

i love coffee. 
i've had the amount i allow myself in one week just today. 
it's just that spring was here and then it got cold again today. 
so i had to drink all the hot beverages. and coffee is the best type of that. 
so i had all the coffee. 

and i love hymns the most. 
they speak to my soul in the most punching, powerful, romantic, beautiful way.
i think of my mama singing to us as babies & kids.
and i'm so so glad she did.