this is where i share my whole soul. i write about my struggles. my joys. my amazing life with my handsome husband. our photography company. our cat. wedding seasons. our travels. community. beer and coffee dates. probably lots about pizza, too. i believe that life is worth living. and sharing my story connects me to beautiful souls. i feel like i grow into a better human when i write and read stories. we all have something amazing to share with the world. this is my life in pink. 

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i found this awesome fresh face NO make-up fast back in 2012. 
it was perfect timing for my life and exactly what my soul needed. 
i was a wife of 2 years at the time and i was addicted to my make-up. 
while my husband argued all the time as to why i even wear it. 

when we met and dating, i wore make up all the time. 
like the whole sha-bang. especially all the mascara. 
so obviously that's why he married me. 
and i needed to keep up with my appearance. 

but we'd go on dates and he'd ask me to not "get ready"
like, excuse me? that's impossible. 
don't you understand!?

but he would hate that he couldn't just lean over and kiss my cheek during a movie
because the make up was yucky. 
and he felt like i looked better without make up on. 
i thought he was actually nuts. 

i remember what really made my heart want to do this. 
ethan asked me -
"who are you wearing make-up for?
because you know what i find most attractive. and you don't do that"

i love being asked really deep questions. 
i didn't like that until i got married and found it so interesting the way my husband's brain works.
he is so intense and he loves to be challenged and it's one of the things that's been rubbing off on me. 

at this time i was finally really growing rapidly in my relationship with Christ 
and i started to question myself each morning. 
how much time am i spending on myself?
how much time do i spend trying to prefect my face with make-up in front of the mirror?
is this honoring my marriage?
does this honor God?

now, i must say that i am not against make up. 
at all. 
as a boudoir photographer, i love watching my stylists make-over the beauties and 
prepare for an awesome photo shoot. 
i still love mascara and feel pretty fantastic when i wear it. 
it just does something to a girl. :) 
make up is still fun. 

but my heart has changed about it. 
and so my habits have changed about it, too. 

i now only own two tubes of mascara and that is it. 
i don't even own powder. 
i did the 40 day fast in 2012 and i haven't put it back on since. 
or purchased anything more than mascara and eyeliner. 
i obviously also own one red lipstick. 

my marriage has changed and ethan is just more and more in love with my bare face. 
my getting ready time is absolutely silly compared to the 1.5+ hours i would spend before. 

i have gained this incredible confidence that i feel comes from the inside. 
and i have much time to focus on people and their hearts (and my own heart)
instead of how i look on the outside. 
i still have ugly days and i still sometimes get the "are you tired"
when i'm just not wearing mascara.. on purpose.. ha.ha. 
but it has literally changed the way i view myself forever. 

i am a daughter of the King. 
i was not a mistake. 
i was beautifully created. to look just like me. and no one else. 
 and i have now fully embraced it. 

i decided it was time for a new fast. or a new challenge for me. 
but i haven't found anything that really grabbed my attention. 
until the idea of adding more women and hosting my first ever blog series came up. 

i enjoy women so much. the fellowship. the goodness we bring to the world. 
i want us to have pure hearts and to be confident and not have all this 
insane negativity and self-loathing and all the really bad badness we go through
because of the media, and what we do to each other. 

women can be so mean. 

it needs to change. 

and i believe it starts with ourselves. 

so i picked six women to do 40 days without make-up. 

and to share their hearts on my blog. 

they said YES. 

brave. women. 

so this is it! 
today is day one for all of us to wash our faces and not put make-up back on!! 
for forty days.. girls. 
it's scary. 
it's about to get real. 

this isn't new to be but i still decided to do the fast with the other women. 
because i do occasionally still wear mascara. 
so, here's my face. 
enjoy meeting the rest of the girls! 

also, i already broke my first rule. 
i told the girls my photographer heart wants to make sure we use good lighting and not wait til the last minute and take a dark photo in the dark house. but, oops. already failing. it's OK. 


40 days. 
NO make-up. 
sharing our hearts. 
being brave. 


meet alicia : 

as soon as i saw the post about doing a make up fast i just knew it was something i needed to do. not really sure why, i don't even wear enough make up for most people to notice. i'm feeling a little nervous about it. i think because it's just a habit to grab my make up bag and apply. nervous because of the little imperfections that i see will now be out there and naked for others to witness. nervous because i don't think i've left my house ever without at least 2 make up products applied.

what i do want to get out of this is confidence. i see things i like and something i want to be able to look good wearing, but i tend to choke and not take that risk. i guess because it's out there and in front of everyone. for everyone to judge. i want the kind of confidence that will push me to go outside my box of safety. i want the kind of confidence that will teach my daughter (who i'm holding in the pic) to be confident. i want her to know she is beautiful. period. not beautiful if she's this or beautiful if she's that. i'm her role model for self-image and beauty and i want her to see that there is beauty in being natural with not only with the image you present to the world, but in who you are as a whole person.

this also translates to how i want raise my son. teaching him to see and embrace the beauty in every woman: mind, body, heart, and soul. 



Meet Molly :

Makeup. When in the past 4 years have I gone a whole day without it? Literally once. ONCE. Don't get me wrong, I love the whole primping process! Getting all dolled up can be fun, especially for big occasions! The times that I can tell my obsession has become unhealthy is when I have the feeling I HAVE to put on makeup. This feeling has made it's way into my heart on a daily occurrence! I wouldn't even go without makeup while dating someone.IT HAS TAKEN OVER MY LIFE. Makeup is meant to enhance your beauty, it doesn't define it! I don't want the little girls in my future classroom to think they need makeup to be pretty. I don't want my future daughter thinking that. In fact, I want to empower women everywhere to realize their inner beauty instead of feeding into the lies that its all about looks. My fears: What am I not afraid about when it comes to the fast? haha My biggest fear would definitely be going out in public! My excitement: I absolutely can't wait to see how Jesus changes my heart through this! I want my identity to be found completely in him and not how I look or what others think of me. My goals: I have a goal to be confident through this process! I want to rock this fast and not feel ugly through the whole thing! To prepare for this process, I have had girls from my small group praying for me! Having support for my hard days is what is going to get me through this. I am soooo excited to start! ( Didn't think I would ever say that).



meet kate : 

My Still Covered in Cover Up Thoughts:

Well, here it is, this is going to be truly baring. There is something so freeing and at the same time terrifying about the thought of not wearing any makeup for a long period of time.  My first thought was "gee, if this was in July, it would be a piece of cake!"  I know i thought this because, well, the summer months bring a natural beautiful sun given glow.  Doing this in the middle of the winter is another thing entirely! Its been awhile since the sun has provided its much loved Vitamin D kisses on these cheeks.  And, it shows! Pasty skin, darker eye circles, hair and skin tone that are more or less (okay, more) the same exact shade. Winter me LOVES my mascara and NEEDS my coverup. To be perfectly honest, my winter me is a lot less confident than my summer me.  That's one thing I hope to change about myself through this journey.  I want to look at the winter me and say " yes, there you are!" And be just as confident with au naturale winter me as au naturale summer me.

A bit about me.  I am a 33 year old momma of 3 kiddos. My family is the largest blessing of my life.  The hubs and I have been dating since I was 15 years old and married almost 10 years.  We are a team, best friends, a unit force of two.  We tackle this crazy life together and fill it with as much love, laughter, and simple day to day beauty that we can.  Our 3 creations have helped with this life's mission in incredible ways. I take on this challenge in part for my children and for my husband. I want to further lead by example for my girls and show them that beauty and confidence comes from the inner light you hold. And no amount of makeup or "layers" can or should replace that inner light. Its important to figure out how to let that shine out of you simply by being you and sharing you with the world.

I truly feel that my 30's have brought me to a place of self confidence and acceptance of me.  I know that by taking time to "find" me and become truly comfortable in my skin, I am becoming a better me all the time.  I take the time to nourish and exercise my body, mind, heart, and soul.  I look to this experience as a way to strip off that last layer of "bubble wrap" and truly and finally put just me out there.  I really feel this journey will be that last step I need to feel finally fulfilled in my heart, body, mind, and soul and be at peace with all that Kate Halloran Cox is in her natural state of being.



eet colie

Okay, so my fears and excitement over this make-up fast is pretty much just falling on the side of fear. I don't have too much excitement at the moment. I am extremely nervous to bare my face without a spot of make-up. 

First, I will say that I love make-up because honestly it can be really fun if you are willing to watch YouTube videos on new ways to apply make-up or have friends that just enjoy it as a hobby of sorts. 

Second, I will say that I am not that woman who applies a ton of make-up everyday, but at will at least have some foundation, concealer, and mascara. It is always nice to have the basics, ya know? 

Lastly, I am not one that has what they call "natural beauty" (though my sweet husband often says otherwise, which is kind of him). I don't wake up looking refreshed and lovely, nope, not this girl! So, I'm fearful stepping into this fast. 

My main goals for the make-up fast are a combination of two things:

1. That I would have confidence in myself that if I don't had a spot of make-up on that I would still love myself and not beat myself up for feeling ugly.

2. That I realize that make-up is not something that makes me who I am, but that it is something that I just enjoy doing. (I guess I'm trying to say that I don't ever want it to be a defining factor in my life.)

I think I partly struggle because I feel like we should want to take care of our appearance. Not just in the fact of whether we wear make-up or not, but also in how we take care of our bodies, our hygiene, etc. We want to take care of the temple God has given us, but not become obsessed with materialistic views of beauty.

I am doing this because my dear friend, Bethany, asked me to be a part of this and I felt like it would be a challenge for me. So, jumping on board wasn't too hard a choice. I'm also wondering why my husband always asks me, "Why do you wear make-up? You are so pretty without it." So, I might figure out that answer for MYSELF and see what he sees? I don't know for sure. My prayer for this little journey is to look to redefine beauty in not only the aspect of make-up but what beauty really looks like as a whole. 



meet bethany :

So, I used to wear makeup all the time. I felt ugly without it. And honestly, sometimes I still do. I chose to date men who would tell me I looked better with makeup so I needed to wear it while I was with them, especially in public. I've had people tell me they think I look better without it, or that natural beauty is so much better but I just assumed they were being nice. Lately, I haven't been wearing makeup...because I'm lazy. Because I'm tired. Because I don't feel like trying to impress people. Because if I do meet someone, I want him to see the beauty God gave me instead of the "beauty" I try to alter. I want this to improve how I see myself. How I define outer beauty. My confidence and self worth. I want to be a role model for my son. I want to show him the things that are important in life and in yourself. I also want to learn to love what I've been given. Every imperfection. Plus also, I've started lifting...and who wears makeup at the gym? ;)

So, that's me. Ridiculous, scared, nervous, and so very excited!




meet cheyanne : 

Well, the make up fast is finally here. Time has flown by! I guess I'll start off with how excited I am about this fast.. And nervous too! I had only been putting on make up when absolutely necessary because I was so tired and pure laziness. Let's just say I like my sleep :) these past two weeks though, I have been putting on make up to help feel more secure about the way I looked. (Major stress breakout for sure!) Im doing this fast because I'm wanting to prove to myself that Make up does not make who I am. Appearances aren't everything. I suffer from a few eating disorders and I'm hoping this will be a step in the right direction to heal. I'm doing this for myself and my husband, who tells me he wishes I could see what he sees. He sees so much more than my face and body. He sees me. My prayers are to become closer to God throughout this process and hopefully find a sense of healing and confidence. So this is it! Time to put on the game face. :)