this is where i share my whole soul. i write about my struggles. my joys. my amazing life with my handsome husband. our photography company. our cat. wedding seasons. our travels. community. beer and coffee dates. probably lots about pizza, too. i believe that life is worth living. and sharing my story connects me to beautiful souls. i feel like i grow into a better human when i write and read stories. we all have something amazing to share with the world. this is my life in pink. 

hello march first || danville, illinois || lovely snowfall and perfect evergreens || thankful heart

it is march first. 
and we have eight inches of snow. 

i'm not even mad because i love the snow that much. 

i'm was a little bit ready for spring because it's just been a long snowless winter. 
i really like white christmas time and magical snow fall. 
like, you know, in december and january. 
but it's march.. so it's supposed to be blossoms and new life. 

but really, i will not complain. 
because, snowfall. 

the loveliest snowfall happened while we slept. 
it's so dreamy and my heart swoons. 

i have seriously been in the best of moods today. 
because of the snow. 

my best happy mood music is ella & louis on pandora. 
so that played while i wore my 1950's apron and made blueberry pancakes 
with all the coffee for breakfast. 
ethan is feeling a bit better so he was chipper and especially happy
to see me so joyous in the morning. 
we stayed snowed in and skipped church like a couple of sinners. 
we danced in the kitchen. 
he smelled fantastic. 
he even liked my pancakes. 
ethan is not a breakfast food person because there's something wrong with him.
but he enjoyed them so i was very pleased with myself. 

and right before the sun went down
 we found some glorious evergreens and snapped a few photos. 
i'm thankful that ethan will just hop in the car and drive around
(for like 30 minutes)
to find the perfect evergreens that make me "bethany level happy"

he's a good guy that ethan burt. 

and we found the good trees. 

the sunlight was crazy gorgeous tonight. 
usually i don't like uneven lighting and all that, but today it was okay. and just perfect actually. 

to me, there is nothing prettier than snowfall on an evergreen. 
there is something so magical and beautiful about it. 
it takes my breath away. 
i just stare at it for hours and am in complete awe at my creator. 
he is so good. 
so mighty. 
the details of the pure white snow on the green and brown of the tree. 
just delightful. 
still and calm. 
interesting. and marvelous.
& just freaking cool. 

each new winter with ethan is so exciting. 
i'm amazed that we've been given another year together. 
what a joy! and a blessing! 
we met in the winter time. 
we both hate the heat. 
we love winter sports.
it just works for us. 
we love the crisp cool air on our faces. 
and the joy and love in our eyes for each other. 
it's pretty gushy stuff but we don't even care. 

i'm thankful and filled to the brim to have this warm love in our hearts. 
and his warm arms around me. 
we are incredibly blessed with food and warm shelter. 
warm blankets. times ten. or twelve.
and hot chocolate, coffee and tea. 
we have so much. 

it seems so unfair that others do not have this. 
it makes my heart hurt that we cannot provide more and more for those in need. 
it's such a great joy to have those goals and to help when and where we can. 
and to just realize every single day how much we really have. 
it's too much, while others have none. 

our hearts hurt for danville. 
there's more than enough here. for everyone. 

winter is not always a joy for others. 
it's cold and wet and miserable if you don't have a warm home and clean warm clothes.
or food. or a way to feed your family. 

today i am thankful that i am provided for and can enjoy the prettiness of winter. 
and i hope that throughout this journey here in our community, we will see many people rise up and make sure others have this warmth, too. 

we've been meeting some really cool people lately and i know it is all god's timing. 
it's just really cool. they have good hearts, hearts that are willing and excited to do the hard work (and already are doing the hard work) that danville needs. and we know we are supposed to be here. just confirming the call we got a little over a year ago. we are going to watch so much good happen. because people are willing to say yes. and help those beautiful souls who are in need.