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love intensely
live intentionally

laugh obnoxiously and joyously loud



i have been incredibly joyful about being ethan burt's wife for nearly eight years now. time positively flies and it is stupid and wondrous. we met and fell in love rather quickly, worrying our friends and family but we just knew and ran into married life full speed ahead. easiest decision of my life. and now they all get it. 

ethan has wanted to be a husband since he was six years old. 
and then his life hit much tragedy. he went through way too much grief as a kid and teenager and hated God for what happened to him. he was passed out drunk in class the night i met him. it was a monday evening at the community college and i was meeting my new class and teacher for clinicals. (we were both going into the medical field. which we quickly quit after falling in love and realizing we would be better as business owners/creatives instead. phew!) i thought he was so cute and had no idea the gallon of orange juice on the table next to him was a hangover thing (sheltered little life, me). he recognized me from high school and in a non-creepy way struck up a conversation. i had just turned twenty years old. i knew after seven hours of talking and one kiss that i wanted to marry him. God did a lot of beautiful work in fourteen days and flip-turned-upside-down that guy's life. and he became my husband. the husband he dreamed of being since he was a kid. he is the best example of loving intensely. i love everything about the way he chooses to be. 

there are many roles we each play in our married life. 
we've very much enjoyed learning the ins and outs and navigating life together. we both do dishes. i do laundry (because i seriously love it) we both cook. we hire people to do the hard things that our lyme-bodies can't handle. (which we have to fight a lot of pride about). he usually drives. i always make the bed and he helps a bit. we both pick up. i hate doing the big dishes and he hates silverware so we are truly made for each other. he does the behind the scenes business things like taxes and legal jargon, i do all the emailing and setting up our schedule. we both do the marketing. he always navigates and i always enjoy being in the passenger seat. he always plans the dates. i am very bad at it. but i am very good at allowing him to plan and just going along for the best dates of my life. thankfully he's easy and just likes to be with me so i don't have any pressure to plan things for him. we don't do gifts for any holidays, birthdays, or anniversaries. we do tuesday movie dates and late night fried chicken dates and always coffee shop hangs and always used book store shopping. each day alive together is a true gift and we do our damnedest to live like it. 


lyme life

ethan and i actually both have lyme disease. seriously? yeah, i know. that's what we say, too. HOW? WHY? BOTH? 

we try to cultivate a balance between busy business owners and simple, quiet life at home for healing. we don't always succeed and most the time i fight the calm and stay too busy. causing myself more pain. this has been a journey but i am finally at a place where i am accepting and even enjoying my limitations and learning to navigate the life i have. we have made our bedroom our cozy space. it is covered in books and comfy chairs and blankets and our smell and my writing desk and two player games. 

we take care of each other. 
we research (mostly e researches, bless him)
we work hard but we rest a lot. it's becoming my favorite way to be. 

we have up swings and down times. and we just do our best during all the seasons we get. 



ethan and i are traveling wedding photographers. 
i love writing that sentence and how it makes me feel both excited and in awe. it's an incredible crazy awesome job and i am so thankful. the couples find us, we meet them over coffee or food or both, we all fall in love, and then we show up on their wedding day with stars in our eyes and follow two in-love people around and make amazing memories and photographs. 

we've never been on a honeymoon and never taken a vacation but while on our travels we take an hour or day to enjoy the culture and people and food of wherever we are. this always involves the best food, coffee and book stores and walking hand in hand, taking life slow after a long work weekend. it's one of the greatest joys of my life i never knew i desired. 



oh books. i love books. the words. the life of authors. the life of characters. the time. the writing process. the cover art. the smell of the pages. the emotions. the way a sentence can change a life. it's so powerful. i aim to read them all. all the books. or just some, but you get it. i like to read. 

i created a hashtag called #burtbooklist if you want to follow along as i read and post. and please, always share with my what you think i should read next. i want to know what changes you, what moves you, too. 

thrifty b

i love a good thrift find. i almost never shop full price or at a department store anymore. if it's more than 10 dollars i really really think about it. 
i love sharing my thrifty finds. usually on IG, sometimes on the blog!