my work

wedding photographer

for work i get to photograph love.
it’s truly the coolest job on the planet earth.
this human connection is everything to me.
i also get to work full time with my handsome husband. so hello, dream gig.


the relationship

ethan and i are all about relationship. and photography, good photography, is all about relationship. we take time to get to know our couples. i take my now seven years of experience and help create a wedding day timeline that keeps everyone happy. that started out with me just needing control and freaking out about getting the shots within a given timeline but actually helped out so much we kept it going and now it is part of the deal. we just must help because weddings don’t have to be stressful and any way we can help upfront to make it easier for the bride and groom to be present on the wedding day? we’ll do that.

real moments

i go for this. this joy, this laughter. this togetherness. the messier the better. no posing. just living.
i have no formal training. i didn’t go to school for photography. my grandfather didn’t put a camera in my hand when i was five. i just do what i do and i love it deeply. i’m the ultimate free spirit and thankfully my techy husband loves what we do, too, and he brings the balance. these are my photographs but his edits. we must work together because we can only create what we create together. as husband and wife, the perfect team. his photographs are great, too, but i’m emotionally attached to my own. but no one edits a black and white quite like ethan burt.

come what may

wedding days are freaking unpredictable.
my favorite wedding day is featured here. it just poured. all day.
usually we get some break in a rainy day but nope, not today. our in-love couple braved it. they just lived it loudly and enjoyed the crap outta their one and only wedding day. i was incredibly inspired by them and this day. our bride was soaked. but she couldn’t stop laughing. from the first look in the rain to the ceremony in the rain, family photos also in the rain and then dancing around with her new husband in the rain, i loved this day.
i’m here for this.